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Prayer Request Phone Line: (858) 487-6627

Greetings from, Terry Mosley, a Servant of God
Steward of the Mysteries that God is revealing in these last days/


We are here to PRAY with you concerning any PRAYER need you may have. Leave us your PRAYER REQUEST on the PRAYER FORM, and we will get back with you, and PRAY with you soon.

We also do PHONE PRAYER, so you may Call us at (858) 487-6627 for PRAYER, and we do SKYPE PRAYER and FACETIME PRAYER.

We PRAY according to the Promises of GOD/ We PRAY the WORD so that all PRAYER is in line with what God has already Promised us in his Word/

We will Post your PRAYER REQUEST on the PRAYER REQUEST PAGE/ so others can also PRAY for your needs. Check it out and Pray for the needs there as well.

We have many messages on this Site on the Prophetic Words for Women Page. So Search the Site, and Listen to some Videos, and begin to GROW SPIRITUALLY in your Own Life and GO Where No Man has Gone Before into the Deeper Things of the Spirit.

Blessings to you
Morning-Star Travelers