Come out of your Small Places

This morning the word of the Lord came onto me as I was meditating and praying.

The word of the Lord  was not just for me personally, but  the Lord was speaking multi dimentsionally.  From personal to National.

From the West Coast to the East Coast the Lord is gathering out his people from their small places.

The Lord said come out of  the small place of your self limiting, complacent, rat race, self centered lives. Your lives are small and you have limited my Grace with your borders and barriers in your minds.

I am collapsing those barriers  from your personal life to the Nation's borders.

I desire to collapse your small places and bring you into a LARGE PLACE to Enlarge you Spiritually.

Things that are small are collapsing to make way for the Large Place I am preparing for those who will come out and Move on, as I gather you.

Let go of your small places and Prepare to Move to a Large Place in my Spirit.

Stop creating limits, stop creating boarders, stop erecting barriers to my Grace.

Ms Terry Mosley
Going where no man has gone before

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