Prophetic Word about the leadership of the United States of America


Democracy is under Asphalt by the enemy. ( prince of the power of the air )

The enemy works through Divide and Conquer, which creates Division and Confusion, which brings everything to a stand still, while nothing gets accomplished since there is no communication.

                   3 Nations that Stand for Democracy have been under attack now for 3 years.

                     The USA, UK and ISRAEL  have all been going through a governing CRISIS.

All 3  Nations have been at a stand still while their governments attempt over and over and over to resolve
something that they can not agree on.


DEMOCRACY is at a Stand still. This governing Crisis is completely undermining Democracy.

             None of these Nations seem to Grasps that their ability to Govern has FAILED ?

All these Nations are in a LEADERSHIP CRISIS!

What will be the outcome of this Crisis?

Is this the End of Democracy, the end of government?

What is going to happen to Break this Cycle of Total and complete inability to get anything done?


Man is bent on self destruction through his own Lack of Wisdom. The Governing bodies of these nations are proving to We the People Daily on Network News that they have KNOW ABILITY to get anything done, Advertising to the World that Democracy know longer works.

How can you not know after 3 years of doing NOTHING that you have FAILED?

THIS is the CRISIS! We the People have KNOW LEADERSHIP! We the People are now on our own.
The Government has no ability to Govern, they have FAILED!!!  DEMOCRACY is almost Extinct!

As of 12/13/2019   The UK has had a Breakthrough by electing a New Government/ only time will tell
if their New Government can actually get them out of the EU once and for all/  Or will things just move
to a new level of bondage.

As of 12/13/2019  the USA Democratics are continuing to destroy their own Democracy ?

Israel is still having election issues/  and now  this News.

USA & ISRAEL Defense treaty LINK

Could this be PROPHETIC/ and Over most peoples heads. ?

Ms Terry Mosley



This is also a look at human behavior, which has moved to a New Stage of self destruction.
( the blind leading the blind ) Destroying the Nations Sovereignty.

This is a MENTAL CATASTROPHE of EPIC PROPORTION. How can you not know when you
are a FAILURE?

The Carnal Mind of Man is at work, undoing everything our ForeFathers fought, bled, and died for?
This is like watching a Nation have a Nervous Breakdown.
USA is Committing SUICIDE.

SELF DESTRUCTION at work and We the People are allowing this??? Wow.

DEMOCRACY is being DESTROYED by those we Elected to Uphold it?  What a Paradox.

This is much more then Perplexity of Nations.


One Nation Under God


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