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Days of my Future Past

  Passing Time/ Pondering this Evil Age  

Passing Time/ Pondering this Evil Age


I have come to a place where everything about Reality is now Non Sense to me. The Study of the written word, and what it has Produced in the Spirit of my Mind has made all things Obsolete.

I am seeing that even through I was given the Mind of Christ to see things New, the process is still Evolving me beyond that.

What I am Faced with now is that nothing is what it appears to be. That whatever anyone thinks is going on here, including me, is FALSE.

I see that it is probably not possible to know what is going on here, and not sure if that even matters.

Perhaps None of this matters at all, and once you come to that Conclusion that is the Place you where intended to arrive at.

So I have Arrived at a place where it is all Meaningless. At this point I figure I have No Mission, as I once thought. That all there is, is what I determine there is. If I determine I have a Mission, then there is a mission. If I determine that my mission is pointless, then there is no mission.

If I just arrive at doing nothing then that is where I must arrive.

I think I have already arrived, at wherever it is I was meant to and then some. I passed myself up coming and going, and I am actually no longer really here.

Or is it that there is Nothing here, so how can I be here, when there is nothing to begin with? I must be a figment of my own imagination and so is everything else.

I think the GOD NEWS is simply there is Nothing here / MOVE on to the Next Level or AGE to come, since this one know longer exists.

IT WAS FINISHED 2,000 years ago.


Ms Terry Mosley

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