Ezekiel 7:6
An end is come, the end is come: it watcheth for thee; behold, it is come.


FUTURE SHOCK     2022  

WHAT?  Signs and Wonders  from Heaven.

We are in  the Middle of  FUTURE SHOCKS ( or the cycle of woes  since 2019 )

We moved from one Shock to a New Shock till the Shocks know longer  IMPACT anyone
as a SHOCK.

So what will it take to produce a REAL SHOCK ?  Make no mistake, one is Coming so be

But since people can barely hear, it may not impact them till it is TOO LATE!!!

The  Walking Dead masses are all Mesmerized into Herd Mentality. Programmed to hear only what
a dumb animal needs to hear. ( they are super dumbed down by fear )

The SHOCKS come to get you back in the Herd if you have wandered off on your own and started
to hear.

SHOCK yourself to see if you have any Reflexes left?

This is the For Real Walking Dead Planet. You can get people to believe any LIE if you add Fear to it.

Reality is Resetting itself for one more  DELUSION.

Next SHOCK will be the Last.  The Past and the Present are Colliding  ( Collapsing )
there is  NO FUTURE.  

THE SHOCK WAVE  COMING  is From OUTSIDE of TIME.   When it Hits this Planet it
will Blast  those walking by Faith to a New Level of FAITH where No Man has Gone Before.
The SHOCK WAVE is Coming for the FAITHFUL.


Ms Terry Mosley


The Future Shock is also for the Walking  DEAD who claim to be in Christ.   They have NO RESPONSE  on How to PREACH the GOSPEL to the ESCALATING  Darkness of the Enemies Assaults on the PLANET.

They will be SHOCKED to find out they  have NOTHING to REAP  since they are
Sowing to their Grave. ( this life )

You cannot Put on Christ and keep walking in your Flesh ( trying to get anything out of this life )

THE SHOCK of REAPING  what you have TRULY SOWN  or Haven’t  Sown.

NO FUTURE in this REALITY — This Reality Produces Death.  

Ezekiel 7:6  An end is come, the end is come: it watcheth for thee; behold, it is come.