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The New Testament words are keys to open our consciousness like ABC’s these words are merrily the building blocks to get us to the next level of spiritual awareness.

Once the Holy Spirit reveals this to you then you begin to become aware of how unaware those who wrote the New Testament words really where.

They did not know they were writing words that were designed to impact the worlds spiritual growth. They had no idea of what had really happened, in fact they had more questions than answers, questions left for us to answer.

They never understood what the law really was, but what Paul wrote down was the blueprint for a conscious awakening to occur in God’s timing.  An Awakening to the Truth of what the Law really was/

The Law was a multi-dimensional belief system designed for several purposes, one was mind control. Better known as religion. (there was a much deeper purpose of the Law of Sin and Death, see other messages on this subject)

 Throughout the New Testament Jesus is constantly speaking words that are designed to collapse the barriers constructed by the law and communicate a higher thought process.  Through his replies to their carnal mind concepts, they began to see light and a new Truth.

Can you imagine going to Church on the Sabbath and asking for Healing and being told to come Back on another day, since they could not pray for you on the Sabbath? That is Mind Control.

Jesus simply replied with what we would call a COMMON SENSE Statement.

Luke 6:9 Then said Jesus unto them, I will ask you one thing: is it lawful on the Sabbath Days to do good, or to do evil? To save life, or to destroy it?

He did this Constantly, asked them or answering them with Simple answers they never thought of. His words destroyed their belief system. The people began to actually question what was going on, using their own minds. They had heated debates with each other concerning his replies.

Today we have no idea how deep this system was operating on their minds. It kept them living in bondage from ever thinking outside the structure or cage it kept their minds in.  They did not even have what we call common sense.

Unfortunately, this is how the brain works: "Sir! We are receiving information that conflicts with the core belief system!" "Get rid of it!"

They did and thought what the LAW told them to think, (and they thought the Gentiles were stupid)
 Jesus came to abolish this system of Mind control (religion) by opening their understanding to a new Level of Consciousness and Perception of Reality/

We call this consciousness Grace however over the last 2000 years what has happened is the mind control system they came out of has simply been replaced with a new upgraded version. Christianity.

When you don’t fully understand what you’re in bondage to, the enemy simply upgrades your belief system, allowing you to think you are free. This is simply an illusion of freedom.

God’s grace was deliverance from belief systems/ there are no believe systems in the Spirit.  What man was given under grace is freedom, freedom to create his own belief system/ which is exactly what the church has done.

 The church has re-created the law by developing its own belief system which brings everyone back into bondage and back under the law by choice. Wow Sad,

 Grace is just way too free for man with the carnal mind to walk in. The Carnal Mind needs a belief system to function.

Walking in the spirit with no believe system, is beyond man’s conscious awareness to operate in.  Man has actually dragged the Grace of God back down to a carnal belief system, while pretending he is walking in the spirit.

Man has no idea how to move beyond his own mental cage that he has created around himself.
 Man enslaves himself through his own self limiting beliefs.

God’s grace erased all belief systems!!!

JESUS Created the Quantum Leap

Belief Busters

Under grace you are free to walk in LOVE, where there are no laws, no limits, no dos and no don’ts, it’s just you and God’s grace.

So this lasted for how long? Not long before the church started making up a new belief system to get everyone back in their cage of mind control.   Christianity is now a religion ( carnal belief system )  a carnal belief system which brings everyone back under the law / ( mind control)

So Christianity is not GRACE at all, it is a structured, limiting belief system that groups a bunch of people together professing the same beliefs which limits God’s grace.

Grace has no structure, no limits, no Laws, when you’re walking in love.  When you walk in Love God’s grace abounds.   You are a Law unto yourself. You Transcend all belief systems.

 Jesus lived under the law but he walk in love, he was Grace. His grace collapsed the Law. (belief system) But the church reconstructed it.   Christianity is OBSOLETE.

Ms Terry Mosley



All Belief Systems are BS

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