The Mind of Christ



Matt 18:3
Then he said: I promise you this. If you don't change and become like a child, you
will never get into the kingdom of heaven.

The Mind of Christ is the Mind of a Child.

A Child  doesn’t need to Read anything.   It has NO  Belief System  B.S,  no program to study. 
( the bible is a program )

The Mind of a Child  isn’t Rehearsing  OLD WORDS  about the Past. Thinking it will learn something.

The Mind of a Child  is at Liberty to be  know where, doing nothing,  it  needs to accomplish NOTHING.

 A Child is just following  along and walking by Faith. Walking in the Liberty to just sit beside still waters
in his presents where there is Fullness of  Joy.

A Child is walking in Love /  The Love of Jesus that Passes all Understanding. This is LIBERTY.
Excepting everyone as they are, allowing them to just Be,  Judging nothing.

A Child is Free to see New things, new beginnings, there is no limit, just Eternal open Heart to explore
more of his Endless Love.

 In the beginning there is Love, Love is with God, Love is God.

Baby Jesus is Love,  Jesus never changes. He is the eternal Child  Who Hopes all things.

Becoming a Child is being Born Again. You must become Baby Jesus to enter his Kingdom, the
New  Reality,   the Realm of the Eternal Spirit.

Through the eyes of a Child you can begin to see,   All there is, is Love.  Jesus is Love made Flesh.

Stop trying to Grow up,  your going backwards.

Prophetess Ms Terry

There is NO  B.S  in the SPIRIT.   All there is,  is  WALKING IN LOVE/   Only Children are Allowed.

Foreknown before the foundation of the world