Love  vs  Religion
Good News vs Condemnation
Law vs Grace
Guilt vs Forgiveness


The Wrong Opposite will PRODUCE ZERO FAITH


Do you know what the Difference is between these Examples?

The doctrine of Condemnation is Law. It cannot produce FAITH.  To Focus on sin is Condemnation.
That is what the Law did. Jesus got rid of the Law. LAW is RELIGION.  Religion was NAILED to
the Cross and done away with 2,000 years ago.  

Colossians 2:14 having canceled the written code, the law, with its regulations, that was against us
and that stood opposed to us; he took it away, nailing it to the cross.

Jesus simply said,  "GO AND SIN KNOW MORE."  He never condemned anyone of their sin,
Even Before the Cross.

The Good News, the Gospel, Produces FAITH so you can receive Jesus, who then remits your sins.

Preaching a doctrine of  Bad News, on sin and Guilt, can never produce FAITH in anyone's heart to
Lay Hold on Everlasting Life, Grace,  Gods Love.

If you are Rehearsing a doctrine that is pointing out Sin, then you are NOT  Preaching Good News,
so there is know way FAITH could arise in anyone's heart to receive JESUS.

You have to Preach the Good News Gospel of JESUS, offering Everlasting Life to Produce FAITH.

To Focus on Sin is Condemnation, Law, No Grace, BAD News. It will eventually produce Persecution
  as well.

The Law or Condemnation, is the exact OPPOSITE  of FAITH  or GOOD NEWS. The Gospel.

The book of ACTS has the Blue Print on how to Preach the Gospel if you want to get people
Born Again into Everlasting Life.   Peter is our EXAMPLE  and what he Preaches is very simple.

You do not need to Rehearse anything else, except what he Said, since It PRODUCED RESULTS.

Meaning what Peter said allowed FAITH to arise in their hearts to Lay Hold on Jesus and receive
Everlasting Life.  

He Preached the Good News to both the JEWS  then the GENTILES,  and both Times he Got
Overwhelming Results.   So  why would anyone be adding to Peter's Words,   THE GOOD NEWS??  

The EXAMPLE  of preaching a doctrine of Condemnation and what it produces  Is Stephen.   

The Outcome of what he Rehearsed,  was all Bad News,  which Produced Rage, and Hostility. NO FAITH.

It also Produced PERSECUTION.   When you beat people over the Head with their Faults, you will then
Reap what you have Sown,   LAW,   NO GRACE,   NO FAITH.

But there will always be those who are apposed to the Good News and can not hear. The enemy using
them to stir up confusion and persecution/  Creating False Doctrines that keep others in bondage to Religion.

This is the Threshold we are standing on TODAY,  The Reboot of the GOOD NEWS 2.0.   

This Gospel of the New Reality,  the New Man, the New Temple, must be Upgraded to Words that
Produce FAITH to receive.  Not dead doctrines of Religious mumbo jumbo.

Stop spewing out words of condemnation that are focusing on sin, the Bad News. THE NO FAITH NEWS.
( Christianity has FAILED by preaching  NO FAITH DOCTRINES.)


The Holy Spirit is the One who prepares the hearts of those who will hear, and then Draws them to receive.

John 6:44 People cannot come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me; and I will raise
them to life on the last day.

The Good News is simple.  Read what Peter Preaches in Acts.  First to the Jews Acts 2:25  on.  
Then to the Gentiles Acts 10:38- 44.    In Acts 13: 32 on/   Paul rehearses to some Jews the same
thing that Peter preached. Their Hearts where prepared to Hear.

When hearts are prepared to Hear, then the Good News of Everlasting Life will be received.

( Some of the apostles went around preaching to others who’s hearts where Hard/ They where
then Persecuted. Most of what Paul suffered was of his own making, he stirred things up that should
have been left alone.)

Condemnation is a complicated, carnally minded doctrine, that focuses on blame, sin, defeat, produces
Know Fruit or FAITH. It is the NO FAITH NEWS.

Stephen Rehearsed  the Nations' Failures and Defeats. God is never looking back or bringing up the past.

His Mercy is New Every Morning, and the Gospel is about VICTORY,  the Future, Everlasting Life.

Condemnation, Law, Religion,  Robs you of his Grace. FOCUSES on DEFEAT, not VICTORY.
Grace is simple, it just receives what Jesus has already done, and Promised.

Ms Terry Mosley


Law vs Grace means,  the Carnal Mind vs the Mind of Christ.
The Carnal Mind is programmed to keep you from accessing his Mind.
The Carnal Mind is always creating Law/ The Mind of Christ erases it.

The NO FAITH DOCTRINE will lead to Persecution of those who have made Christianity
a Religion/  It is now OBSOLETE.
Persecution comes because the Carnal Mind Loves RELIGION/  It can not comprehend Grace.