Without even realizing it, people are being ReProgramed to use symbols as a REPLACEMENT for LANGUAGE.

These Symbols are also able to Communicate Globally/  In other Words they Transcend  all Language bearers.

Where is this coming from and where is it all going?  Are we being Trained like Monkeys to Respond to ICONS  or SYMBOLS  which are eventually going to Replace  LANGUAGE all together?

LANGUAGE is being  down graded to simple short sentences/ as people Text, and respond with their Phone/ without REAL COMMUNICATION.

Over all,  People are being TRAINED to BARELY RESPOND using LANGUAGE.

The FASTER the PACE of your Life, the Shorter  your Messages?( the less you communicate )

Why are you going FASTER, when you need to be going SLOWER?

The FASTER you go, the LESS CONTROL you have over  your own Life/

If you are in a HURRY, you have already LOST CONTROL/

In other WORDS if you where in CONTROL of your own LIFE, you would never, ever need to be in a HURRY,  you would always have Plenty  of TIME  for Everything, in FACT you would have TIME LEFT OVER.

This  INFACT is  My Biggest Problem/  I am so  in CONTROL  that I am always WAITING on others, who are RUNNING FASTER AND FASTER, but always LATE??? Always Behind, but never realizing it is because they are going to FAST.

They are going so FAST that they are Going in CIRCLES/ Passing up where they need to be.

You can not COMMUNICATE with those who are in a HURRY, because they are never with you. They are always some where Else.  WHERE they are going Next, or where they have been? FINDING People who are actually Living in the Here and NOW is RARE.

Then you may Find someone to Communicate with, who is not in a Blood Hurry to get No Where.?


If you would spend more Time with JESUS, then you would Find yourself in a TIMELESS TIME ZONE, Moving in Slow Motion, watching it all go by, Responding to things  Easily. RESTING, while others  are Struggling,  Anxious for nothing.

You would Find yourself in the Midst of CHAOS, at PEACE/ trying to get no where/

You would never need to TEXT anyone, since you would be Looking to Communicate/

You would not want to send a Short message to someone,( which means, I AM IN A HURRY so I dont have TIME TO SAY ANYTHING IMPORTANT.)

Infact you would never TEXT/  People who are Living in the TIMELESS, TIME ZONE are always Available, with TIME TO SPARE.

SO  ICONS and SYMBOLS  are not going to REPLACE LANGUAGE for REAL PEOPLE/   this is for those who are Already LOST in the VIRTUAL REALITY  of the UNREAL WORLD. ( Facebook, & Twitter )

Those who are constantly TEXTING, never Saying anything.

Ms Terry Mosley

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