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God is desiring to Mature his Body


Feeding on the WORD is something every Born again believer has to begin to do for themselves. We
have to FEED ourselves, and stop waiting to be FED.

Feeding on the WORD is Communion with JESUS. This is the Highest Form of WORSHIP.

Each one of us, has the Holy Spirit as our Teaching, who is waiting and willing to Impart his WORD
unto us. So where the Church is headed, is each and everyone becoming the church.

Daniel is the example of the Church. in these last days. Living outside the Church, being the Church.

Each one of us is to use whatever resources the Lord has given us, to be the Church and find away to
Minister to someone who needs his touch.

We are individually to be about his business, seeking to be used, and seeking to have the WORD
producing in our lives.

Moving on with Jesus as he OPENS OUR UNDERSTANDING is a whole New REVELATION that
only Jesus himself can bring you to, as you pursue him with all your heart.

Jesus is going to meet each one who is pursuing him, and Supernaturally OPEN His UNDERSTANDING,

This is a Term that until it happens, you have NO idea of what it means. It will make what you presently
think you


Will Transform your Mind in an Instant, you will never be able to read the WORD with your Carnal Mind

It is an Instant Moving of your Mind to the Mind of Christ, which is LIGHT YEARS BEYOND where
we are, and once having gone there, you will be hard pressed to listen to what is now being taught.

Seeing from the MIND of CHRIST is not something anyone can tell you about, but this is where the Lord
is trying to bring us to, and this is why we are in desperate need of FEEDING on him day in and day out.

God is going to take us where NO MAN has Gone Before, so there is nothing to compare it to, you have
to let go of all you presently No and MOVE on with JESUS.

His BRIDE being caught Up in his MIND, becoming One with Him. This will Transform Us Instantly.

We are so FULL of Nonsense, and generations of False doctrines. He will wipe it all away in an Instant.

The Word of God is a Progressive Revelation. It is constantly unfolding and revealing more, and more of
Jesus as we continue to Feed on the Word, and walk in the Spirit. It is not something you take a teaching
from and then attempt to camp out there for 40 years, thinking this is it.

We have to be ready to Break Camp and move on with Jesus to the next Level in an INSTANT.

The teaching of the Word that we have today has been up to this point in time, BABY FOOD.

The Lord has given us some ABC'S But the Body of Christ is still in Diapers.

The Lord wants to Bring us to the next Level. He wants to give us REVELATION, but this Revelation is
going to bring a REVOLUTION.

We are going to be Awakened in an INSTANT to the VAST VISION of the REAL GOSPEL,  that
encompasses more then our present pitiful carnal mind could ever Imagine.

Phl 2:5

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

This is the Second Coming,

Ms. Terry Mosley


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