Morning-Star Rising Newsletter


JULY 2005


Terry Mosley -- Editor
Rev. Terry Mosley -- Chief Minister
Holy Ghost -- Associate Minister



The Great Falling Away
2 Thessalonians 2:3-7

We are now living in that time referred to as the Great Falling Away.

Definition of Falling Away
abandonment of a former loyalty, divorce, defection from truth, depart, withdraw, apostasy, rebellion
It  also  means  a POUCH FOR MONEY, cast out like Dung Slap, Smite with the hand.

We have been in the Falling Away, since  the rise of Anti Christ doctrines which have  over taken the Church. ( instead of Christ,  instead of the WORD of God ) All teachings that promote prosperity are Anti Christ. ( instead of Christ) Jesus and his Word are More then Enough. This is Rebellion, and leaving our First Love.
I Timothy 4:1
I John 4:3-6
2 John 2:10

We need to return to the First Principles of Christ  as Paul talks about in Hebrews 6

This is the most amazing  teaching,  where we are told 2,000 years ago to Stop Going over the same old things.  And MOVE ON, Or GO ON to PERFECTION.

Lets  define what Paul means by the first Principles, Repentance from dead works, Faith towards God, Baptism and laying on of hands, or Spiritual gifts  and resurrection of the dead.,  eternal judgment.

Then  you study all the cross references  which tell you about these principles,  and how the Church in ACTS  walked in the Spirit and  in all of these Principles,  in the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT.

2,000 years ago  the Church was Operating In the POWER of GOD, and then Paul  said,  its  time to  stop  going over all  that we are doing and MOVE  on .  WOW!!

2,000 years Later,  and we  are LIGHT YEARS  BEHIND  and  there is NO   Principles    left?

But God  is still Ready  to Move  us on individually  if you are being the Church. If you  have these Principles oppressing in your Life.

So  while  we  are  in that Great Falling Away,  the Lord  is simple getting rid of those who  have  already  left there First Love.

Read on  in Hebrews 6:6  and he explains  what  has happened, and is happening to those who Fall Away.

He states that it becomes IMPOSSIBLE  to renew them again to Repentance,  since   they  have   actually  NAILED JESUS TO THE CROSS,  all over again,    and Made the Work of the Cross of NO effect   in their lives.

This  is  what is meant  by  Having  a Form of Godliness,  but  denying the Power there of. You  Nail  Jesus back  on the Cross when you  don't  apply these PRINCIPLES  to your Life,  and  continue  to   GROW Beyond them. When you don't   continue  to Keep Growing,   You end  up FALLING  AWAY.

So  the Time has Come  to  MOVE UP and ON with JESUS, to what Paul called PERFECTION,

But  the masses  are in Rebellion  to  his WORD,  and few are seeking  to  be  like  the NEW TESTAMENT  CHURCH.

Some even teach that  the Gifts passed away,  but  Hebrews 6 Proves  that  this is the Foundation of our FAITH,  the Building Blocks  needed to  Move on to  the REAL  PlACE  the Lord  wants us to be. As  we Begin to Restore  the First Principles of Christ to our lives,   then  we  will be  Ready  to  MOVE on with JESUS as Paul  said   we  would,   2,000 years    later. God willing,

I am Moving on,
Terry Mosley



 Tracking & Registering

At the First Coming of Christ we are given a description of what was going on Politically. People where being herded like cattle to obey laws to Register. They had to go to the town where their birthright was established, so they could register and pay Taxes. In other words if you where from Africa and you where in the USA and this decree went out that everyone had to Register where he or she came from,( because of present Political immigration or terrorist problems, ) you would have to return to Africa.

I had a very Scary Vision on this, but will only give a brief note on this.

I believe at the time of the Lords Return something similar but Far more dangerous will be going on. In fact it has already started. People are being told to register and then they are gathered up, imprisoned and deported, right here in the USA.

The enemy wants to control all peoples, unknowing Governments will comply with tracking measures, out of fear, and aid the enemy's plans. These plans to track and control people is Satanic in origin.

Eventually the World will be divided up into camps, and people will be told to report to their camp for Protection. We are moving rapidly to control boarders, and find ways to establish where everyone is and why. Our present Government is the Leader of FEAR. Our Freedom is being taken away little, by little because of FEAR, in order to Protect us?

In the days ahead the world and our present Allies will change Rapidly. We are presently setting the stage for this country to be opposed by the next World Power. We are driving the European Common Wealth alliance to Unite and elect themselves a Leader. Some of the members of this Alliance are presently our allies, but they won't be for long. We are going to wake up one morning and find out we are living in a completely different World with New World Leaders, and we will not be among them.

Eventually this Tracking will result in Branding. It is a mark of a Military Conquest, the mark of HELL.

Ms. Terry Mosley/ rev
1/29/ 90



Hello Precious Prayer Partners,

We are in the midst of Great Change in the Body of Christ, and the Lord has given us a Vision concerning the coming Word Revelation movement. We need your prayers for direction and timing. Also the Lord has blessed us with a Project that needs to be designed and Printed. This is a Lovely Sticker that can be placed on your Bible, or Bible Case that will Lift up the Word of God. We have several designs now, and we need a Printer and Marketing. So pray for our direction with this Project. The Word of God is at work in our lives in a whole New way. So living and walking by FAITH is what we will all need to be doing more and more of in the days to come. We are still Praying for directionon our Head Quarters. This will unfold as we pursue the Vision of the WORD and the Art Work that the Lord is producing. So thank you for your support in whatever way you are able .

God is watching over his Word to perform it, and we need your prayers to speak the Truth he gives us and make the Revelation of the Word plain.

We love you all and thank God for you,
Terry & Star



Awake, Awake, Oh sleeper

Jer 5:21 Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which  have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not:

Awake, Awake, Oh sleeper and arise, trim your lamp. Darkness as fallen upon the lands. A great darkness. Perpare your self; For the hour has come upon you. And deception hath been a snare to you. Awake and shake off those things that bind you. Come to me,There is healing in my wings. Come hide your self in me. I am your restoration. I am your salvation; I am your King.

am I not He who can confirm the word of his own servant? am I not He Who Hides not His counsel from is prophets? And will they not declair it? Seek my face and inquire of me! Will I not speak to you? I have hidden my face from the sinner and the backbiter,the fearful and the rebellious! Repent and return to me and I will cleanes and restore you. And lift you up.

His servant Sunny
May 23rd, 2004,