Are there any Real Americans Left?


Definition of a REAL AMERICAN/


We are Living in the Last Days/ The Fallen Angels, are putting into place their End Time Entrance. Man is not in charge on Planet Earth/ they are ( Covertly ) Stop trying to fit the Problems of the USA and the World into an Earth based concept. There is a Multi Dimensional WAR Going on.

From Eternity, through Time, into All Dimensions, God Created, through the Camp of the Prince of the Power of the Air, down to Planet Earth. Multi Dimensional, Covert Activity.

God is using all these other attempts to Control Time, To ACCOMPLISH his Purpose.

We are not Fighting Flesh and Blood. But we must begin to FIGHT against the LIES of the devil.

These Lying devils enter in through a back door, attempting to Abolish Legal Rights, and set aside Legal Documents ( in a time of Crisis) They have been attacking and trying to get us to Destroy our own CONSTITUTION for some time. Little, by Little they are taking away our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, with illegal Laws, that actually VIOLATE the CONSTITUTION. But we the People are Allowing it.

How much Longer are you going to sit Complacently by and let our Rights be TRAMPLED on/ Over the BLOOD of our FOUNDING FATHERS.??

The BLOOD BOUGHT CONSTITUTION. It was a BLOODY BATTLE TO WIN those Rights. Now your going to just let it all be taken away without a FIGHT?

AMERICANS have Lost their WARRIOR SPIRIT. This is not an Enemy you can Shoot at. But this enemy is going to attempt to take even that right away from us ( our GUNS)

We the People have LEGAL RIGHTS and these RIGHTS are being ILLEGALLY Taken Away,

The PEOPLE are Not EVEN MAD about this, much Less ready to Fight. What are you willing to FIGHT FOR?

We the People have been ROBBED, DECEIVED, LIED TO, and Now BILLED for the DEBT of the ROBBERY. While No one has Yet Been Arrested/ or Charged for this Crime/ and No one is MAD about it? When is ENOUGH, ENOUGH already? WHEN are We the People going to Wake Up and GET MAD/ and STAGE a REAL BOSTON TEA PARTY for the/


THE ENEMY IS ATTEMPTING TO MERGE all Nations together, as if we never, ever FOUGHT to Get FREE of other Nations/ The enemy is ROBBING us of our SOVEREIGNTY.

Our own Politicians are Helping the Enemy, since they have No IDEA what they are Doing?

Our own Politicians are Giving away our SOVEREIGNTY.( MIND BLINDING SPIRITS RULE and REIGN through GREED and POWER )

This is a Multi Dimensional WAR. But we have to Stand up and Fight for our CONSTITUTION, which was Constructed by BIBLICAL PRINCIPALS, by SPIRIT FILLED MEN.


Our SOVEREIGNTY Depends upon our Willingness to Fight for our own FREEDOMS.

It is Time to GET MAD, and GET READY to DEFEND the Rights our FOREFATHERS Won for us, ALL OVER AGAIN.

We have to Take Back the Nation and ESTABLISH a MORE PERFECT UNION, or become Slaves ourselves.


( the devil was DEFEATED 2,000 Years ago / WE WON the WAR / ACT on it, and ENFORCE IT, NOW, by the BLOOD of the EVERLASTING COVENANT, AMEN )

Ms Terry Mosley
Feb 2009

One Nation Under God

In the VISION of our Future USA  (or North American Territory.)

God is trying to communicate His End Time Plan for spreading the Gospel.
There are several Aspect  to this VISION.

1. What appears to be the enemies plan to destroy our CONSTITUTION, God wants to AMBUSH the enemy and EXTEND our CONSTITUTION.

The Merging of 3 nations does not need a New Constitution, if we are willing to Extend ours.
Our Constitution is what gives us our FREEDOM. By allowing the UN or any group of Fallen Angels to Abolish it, means to Lose the Freedoms we now have.

There is No Other Constitution that is Ever Going to be As good as or Better then the one we already have. We need to take the enemy by SURPRISE and ask  our Neighbors  to become  ONE  with us/  Under our CONSTITUTION.

This will Ensure our being able to Maintain our present Religious Freedoms, ( the reason why everyone wants to come here is because of our Freedoms we have in our God inspired, Legal Document, called the CONSTITUTION)
This is what has Made us GREAT, and this Document was based on Scripture.

2. The Next Aspect is the  Purpose of Being a Christian. Preaching the GOSPEL
Since the USA church has refused to GO.  God is now going to bring the Masses to our door step.  MEXICO AND CANADA  are our Neighbors.
It is time to be Doers of the WORD, and LOVE your Neighbor as yourself. Give our Neighbors the same Liberty we have, as we Finish the Great Commission, and Preach the Gospel by LIVING  the Gospel.

There is No Scriptural Basis for building the Kingdom of the USA. We have ABANDONED  the Preaching of the Gospel, and Replaced it with the Gospel of the USA self Preservation.
By fighting our Neighbors, we are right where the Enemy wants us. DIVIDED.
NO VISION,  Seeking  to Build Our own KINGDOM here on Earth, instead of His ETERNAL  KINGDOM.

God is No Respecter of Persons. He Sent JESUS to Die for ALL. GOD Extended  his BLOOD BOUGHT  COVENANT  to the Gentiles, But we can't even Extend our  Earthly Treaty to  our Neighbors?  his is Not Christianity.   Wake Up and Become a Doer of the WORD.
In ACTS  11/ Peter was Faced with  An Instant REVELATION. God wanted to Give the Gentiles  the HOLY SPIRIT.   God was EXTENDING HIMSELF  to  ALL.

Act 11:17 Forasmuch then as God gave them the like gift as [he did] unto us, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ; what was I, that I could withstand God?

TIME TO CHANGE/  Peter Said OK, and Changed INSTANTLY.
Stop LIVING in the PAST.  We are LIVING in the DAYS  of  GREAT  CHANGE/ Stop FIGHTING GOD,  and  Get   HOLD of His VISION for the Nations.

1Ti 2:4
Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.
Rev 22:12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward [is] with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

Rev Ms. Terry Mosley
2006 /2007


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