Eternal Destiny/ Predestination


EPH 1:4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the
foundation  of the world, that we should be holy and
without blame before him in love:



Eternal Destiny  /  Predestination:     The meaning of the Word Predestination is a Mystery. 
It is not something language can define. There are no Words that can define something that is Supernatural in application.

So man attemps to define this, but has FAILED. God’s ways are past finding out. Man continues to
think he can find out and learn something that is over his head.

However, having said that,  the Holy Spirit is able to show you from outside of Time what things
mean from the Mind of Christ, if you have the FAITH to receive. JUST ASK.

TRANSLATION:  Predestination means PREPROGRAMMED Ahead of time.

God knows everything that is going to happen. He has already finished things. Everything was Finished before it started.

So according to what is already known, can God intervene and change things, since he already
knows what is going to happen ahead of time?

Or does he change things according to  our Faith in him to change things? Is it according to our
FAITH that changes things, or didn’t God know all along what our Faith would be anyway?

So is anything changing at all, or is it all unfolding as it was already PreProgrammed to?

Perhaps our Faith should just be in God’s Foreknowledge of everything and his plan working out
according to his will,  while we stop trying to change it or figure any of it out? That is FAITH.

God knew me before I was born.  He already had a plan for my life. He doesn’t wake up each
morning and then come up with a plan at the last minute.

He is always Ahead of Time.  But man has No Faith in God having a plan for him? WHY IS THAT?

People are always talking about the End Times and Bible Prophecy unfolding like they
have complete Faith in God’s Word concerning the time table for the Planet and end of days,
but NO FAITH in his Plan for them personally?

Have you ever Witnessed your life as a bystander? Watching something happen, unable to
respond to change it? Knowing it was Predestined to happen like a PROGRAM, on Auto Pilot?

Witnessing your own life like watching a preset program?

Is this all a Simulation that we are supposed to adapt to? Or are we to learn how to Override the
whole thing, and  take charge of our own DESTINY?

Can we Rewrite this Pre set Program with the MIND of CHRIST  and Reverse the whole thing?

Delete the whole Program  like JESUS did?  

Did you understand that when Jesus stepped outside of Time this whole thing Collapsed
2,000 years ago? That’s what “it is FINISHED” MEANS. OVER, DONE with, in the TRASH,

Can I change my own Destiny by Editing my own Program?  Can I OVERRIDE  the Predestination
Parameters  and Set in Motion something Completely New?

Is that what the Purpose of this whole thing is designed  to get us to do?

CRASH the PRESET PROGRAM by Waking up to the Reality that it is ARTIFICIAL?

Can I walk by FAITH out of here and Move to the Next Timeline NOW?  
IS That  what Rapture means?   ESCAPE  this Fake Reality, by OVERCOMING?
( Overcoming meaning knowing it is all a Fake Program. )

Ms Terry Mosley


Is this a Holographic Simulation  Training Program? Training  you to interact and learn how to
OVERCOME all of its preset programs?  Till you eventually say,   I am done with this GAME,
Game Over. Moving on to the Next Reality.