The Snare



ISAIAH 24:17 Terror and the pit and the snare are upon you, O inhabitants of the earth.

The Internet is a Snare, which means net, Network, snare. These are Hebrew words, in the Old Testament.

Hopefully God has a much better plan than the present Internet. It is a complete Dictatorship run by only a few, while the government is trying to blame nations for their problems, they are just waking up to the Fact that these Internet Companies are running the world Covertly.

Even if they try to Impose rules on these Internet Giants, who is going to Enforce them, and How??

So the Real War is in Cyber Space since it is being used to Control Minds, and bring people into Bondage to ways of thinking they aren't even aware of. This is also called being Over Thrown, De FRAUDED.

So will there be a Law Against Mind Control?

Getting a Renewed Mind, and Programming the Spoken Word into your own Spirit is the only protection for Mind Control. You must have a Sound Connection with the Holy Spirit so you can HEAR GOD'S VOICE.

The Funny Part is people are complaining about protecting their Privacy? Then why don't they stop using a system that INVADES their Privacy? This is a Sure Sign they are all in MIND CONTROL.

Proof that you are nothing more than Artificial Intelligence.


We would be Better Off Going Back to keeping our Data Locally, and not ONLINE. There should now be a LAW against your Personal Data being ONLINE. If you want your Data online, then you are saying I want to be ROBBED, or I have lost my mind.

My POINT is: Knowing that all Data can be Hacked, your Identity stolen, there is No Privacy, all New INFORMATION is FAKE NEWS?? Why are you allowing this?

If People working in companies that control social media are using Mind Control over the Internet, then why are you using it? If your Wallet can be Hacked, why is it ONLINE?

So at any given Moment all INFO you are Getting May or May Not be TRUE, since it is all Subject to Covert Manipulation leading you to MIND CONTROL, or you giving away your Identity.

Once upon a time people used to carry CASH around and sometimes people would get Mugged and have their money stolen. But his type of theft would only result in you loosing, only the money you had on you. RIGHT?

So a CARD was created so you did not need to carry around money, CASH. This was to ensure that you would NOT BE ROBBED.

Now we have what are called Hackers, who can Hack your account, Steal ALL your MONEY, ( not just what you had on you, ) PLUS they can also Steal your IDENTITY.


So Please Tell me, why are people still using Credit Cards instead of CASH??

You Risk Loosing all you have by using a card instead of CASH. The MORE you use your Card the more you are at RISK?

Things are Rigged to ROB you, and you're Accommodating them. This is MIND CONTROL at its best. This is the Same as Being OVER THROWN in the Wilderness. Defrauded by those who Said they were Gods.

1Cr 10:5 But with many of them God was not well pleased: for they were overthrown in the wilderness.
( means defrauded )

Ms Terry Mosley



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The Internet is a Snare, which means net, and Network. All Hebrew words, in the Old Testament.

Word Snare, means to spread a Net. Network means snare. To make poor, rob, disinheirt etc.
To set a Trap.  To Hunt.

WEB 1004 ot 1129 ot

The Word Web means to Build a house or family temple
those who belong to the same Household. To obtain children.

It also means to make covenant/ Libation
So it means a Counterfeit Covenant with the World.

2 Timothy 2:26 and they may recover themselves out of the devil's snare, having been taken captive by him to his will.


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