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Dream about UFO


Next Dream, the UFO was very close to me, and it was very Big, Tecky looking. I could see all of its under parts clearly. It was not a round UFO, it had a different shape. But again it seemed to be trying to get my attention for something.

It hovered over me and started releasing what looked like sections of something that was extending out in mid air like it was building a bridge to some where in mid air?

These sections where Tecky looking, meaning I do not know what they where, but the technology was Way beyond anything I have ever seen. I could also hear the pieces being extended into place.

This was happening in Real TIme, I was there, just trying to understand what it was I was looking at/ I was seeing the Pieces come together, but I do not know what they are for.

So I am being shown Technology that we dont have, and something is trying to communicate this INFO to me from another place? Like it is building a Link that extends to me ? I have not gotten the interpretation to this dream or Vision?

I guess something is going on Multi-dimensionally, and I am getting to look at it, but I do not know what any of it is? I will continue to Pray for interpretation, and see if it happens again/

I tried to find an image that might resemble what this UFO looked like, but found nothing.

This image below is similar to the shape, but the whole ship was made of pieces of stuff, similar to the picture at the top. I was looking at the bottom of it/


Ms Terry Mosley

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