Rider caring  a Lamb on his Shoulders

Rider caring a Lamb on his Shoulders

Vision of the Rapture

The Vision opened with me standing on the edge of a large open tent, somewhere? I was alone looking out into the night, Watching and Waiting as usual. Behind me in the tent was a large group of people having some sort of a meeting. I just stood at the edge of the tent, and suddenly Jesus was standing right beside me. I begin to speak to him as Martha had when he returned, after Lazarus death. I begin to ask him where he had been, and why had it taken him so long to come for me, on and on I went, and he finally calmed me down and we sat down on the edge of the tent and begin to talk and catch up with each other, like the oldest of friends do when they haven't seen each other in along time. He shared many things with me, and told me everything that was going to happen. It seemed as if we where outside of time, and talking forever.

This was the first time I really understood what Fellowship was. Real communication and complete energy exchange between to people. As we where talking he started to tell me that he had to leave, but that he would be back soon. He told me that while he was gone that there was something I had to do to be ready when he came back. He said that when he came back for me I had to be ready to leave in an instant, and that I couldn't take anything with me. As he was explaining this to me, a Process had already started within me of letting go and thinking about what I had to do to be ready. And while he was leaving I begin to enter into this letting go Process. I was laying on some pillows at the edge of the tent, just trying to lay back and recline until he came. I had my purse with me, and I was trying to find away to put the long strap of the purse around me, so that I wouldn't have to think about it, and it could just go with me, when he came. I realized of course much later, that this Purse represents my earthly identity, and my worldly security, and my earthly citizenship

I went through all kinds of changes trying to get this purse where I wanted it, and to just relax. As I was still going through this process of letting go, I finally arrived at a place where it HIT ME, Who was coming back for ME.!! My whole being finally realized that JESUS HIMSELF WAS COMING FOR ME! ( in Real Life, this took Years and Years. ) At this point I was able to let go of my purse completely, and finally lay back and relax, knowing that if I needed anything, that he was well able to supply it, so I would have know need for my Purse ( which was me supplying my needs)

Also I was again reminded that there was this Large group of people at the back of the tent, that still had know clue of what was going on. I was then just reclining on the pillows by the edge of the tent, when suddenly without any mental thought, my whole being knew he was COMING! The rest happened in slow motion, But it all took place in the twinkling of an eye. I saw the Lord ridding towards me on a horse. He was ridding so fast, but it was still slow motion, I just new how fast it was. As he moved towards me he was hanging over the side of the horse with his arm stretched out for me, I begin to rise up from where I lay with my arm out stretched towards him. When I say he was hanging over the side of his horse, you have know idea how far over I mean, but as he approached me and our arms caught each other, he lifted me up and with one single stroke grabbed me and swung me onto the back of the horse and we where gone, he never even stopped!!!!!! I WAS RAPTURED INTO ETERNITY!!!!!

This was a Honeymoon experience. One on One with Jesus. It is not a group trip. It can Happen at any Moment, while you are WATCHING and WAITING I later asked the Lord about the people in the tent, he said they where people busy going to seminars, and meetings and doing everything, but Watching and Waiting for him. This is the Beginning of the Brides Honeymoon.

After this Vision I saw this movie, and I have only seen it once, it surprised me greatly. It was about middle eastern horse riders. This was a true story, about a weird type of racing called Goat Grabbing or Buzkashi. The race lasts for days sometimes and only ends when there is a winner. I cant explain the whole thing to you, but here is the idea. They are trying to carry a headless lamb, goat or calf safely to a certain place without getting it snatched away from them by another rider. So whoever has the lamb, has to protect it by ridding anyway they can to keep the other riders from taking it away from them. Sometimes they carry it on their Shoulders sometimes over the side. ( this started with genghuis khan as a way to train military horse riders. )

The way they ride and the things they do to get the lamb or goat from each other, and to keep it, is beyond description. I have never seen ridding like this before or since this movie. The Movie is Called THE HORSEMAN 1971, with omar sharif, and jack plalance.

Watch the WHITE HORSEMAN to the very end when he Grabs the goat and never stops. Omar Sharif


JESUS comes on a white Horse/ and Grabs his Bride, Sweeps her into his Arms, and Rides away/ ( he dose not fall off his horse )

This is just an example of how he was Riding towards me. hanging off the side, but I was reaching out to him so he could Grab Me and swing me up and OFF we went.

The rider picking up the goat while never stopping/

The rider picking up the goat while never stopping/

Riders fighting over the Lamb.

Riders fighting over the Lamb.

Rider with calf/ trying to keep it.

Rider with calf/ trying to keep it.

When I saw this movie this was the Way the Lord was ridding on his horse to get me. I was so amazed. I forgot to mention that many riders die in this race, it was a real warfare. They would do anything to win and keep the lamb. I also realized that in the Vision when I am upset with the Lord for his timing, that this means I would be thinking at some point in the future about what I thought should be the time for his coming, but it would be wrong, and I would be WAITING much longer then I thought I should have to. But he would appear and encourage me so that I could wait till the end. I think this is where the Bride is now, and that the Lord is appearing to many to encourage us and keep us going until his return.

Remember Mary, she was Looking for JESUS in the Grave Yard, after he was Dead, and then he Appeared to her. He is Never Late.

Till his return,
Ms.Terry Mosley 1996-2013


Afghan Buzkashi



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