Walking in the Spirit

Walking in the Spirit

Gal 5:16   This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

A better Term for this might be WALK out of your Body/ Or, Get out of your Flesh. Or be Led by the Spirit. Meaning
the Spirit is in charge, not the body.

Rom 8:14
For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

However I realize that most of you have no idea that Walking in the Spirit is an OUT OF BODY experience, and that is
what Paul means by saying Walk in, or be Led by your Spirit. Let your SPIRIT MAN take the Lead.

This is not a Lovely Allegorical idea for something you are to try to do/ NO this is a REAL EXPERIENCE that is very,
very different  from walking in your own body/ since that is all CARNAL/

The minute one is propelled into the Realm of the Spirit, you are out of your Carnal Body, and FREE. Of course you
do not full fill the Lust of the Flesh, since you are not in your Flesh, you are in your Spirit, or out of your Flesh.

There are all kinds of In depth Religious explanations for walking in the Spirit, ( they are all Carnal ) So after reading most of them, it is clear that very few People have actually Walked in the SPIRIT, meaning Got out of their own BODY, and where set FREE to experience Walking in a Different Dimension then the Physical dimension, which is the realm of the Flesh/

So Friends lets get REAL/ If we where walking in the Spirit, which is a Real DIMENSION, FREE from the Laws of the Natural, we would not be living like we are.

2,000 years ago, thousands of people experienced this, that is how the New Testament believers Lived a SUPERNATURAL LIFE, and people where getting Healed, and set free from the Lies of the Devil/ The Gifts of the Spirit, operate in the Spirit, not the Flesh, so the Gifts where in operation all the time/ The Realm of the SPIRIT was over ridding the Natural, Realm, and the People themselves where all walking in their Spirit, LED by the Spirit.

Many, many people take drugs or psychedelics, because this Moves you into the Spirit or out of your Body, where you can stay for a Long period of time/ Most of them are completely unaware of this Fact, they just like being in the Spirit, but do not realize what is really going on.( some medications will produce this as well which causes hallucinations that people can not deal with )

They are walking in the Spirit, but unless you have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, you have Opened yourself up to all kinds of Counterfeit Spirits, that will try to take you over and use you.

So this is the Unknown Realm where People get in contact with spirit guides thinking they know something, since they do not NO THE HOLY SPIRIT, the ONLY SPIRIT that is the REAL SPIRIT of LIFE.

I just started to think about this, and about how people try to Live Spiritual Lives, with no idea that unless you are able to Move out of your body, you are living a CARNAL LIFE.

Your SPIRIT is always trying to get outside your body, and be FREE/ It is always looking for away to set itself FREE from Gravity/ That is why we DREAM/ Our Spirit leaves when we go to sleep and is set FREE for all those hours to recharge us, and to find out things to come/ (When we Sleep, we are Led by the Spirit. )

But the things that most People do in their daily lives, only enforce the Drag of their Flesh on their own Spirit, so they do not even remember Dreaming.

Walking on Water is Walking in the Spirit. This is the best Example of all.

Walking on Water is Walking in the Spirit

Real Worship is in the Spirit, or Out of your Body/ It Produces that FRUIT/ This is the Only way it can be called WORSHIP, because it has Propelled you out of your Body, there by Setting you FREE to WORSHIP in the SPIRIT REALM, FREE from all Carnality, or Emotional Bondage. Worship is not singing songs about someone you don't even know. It is a Real TRANSCENDED experience with the SPIRIT.

Jhn 4:24
God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Getting FREE to Walk in the Spirit is what the WORD is suppose to Produce in our lives, since it is SPIRIT, and it is Life/ However, most people Drag Gods Word down to an earthly Level, instead of Moving up or Out by FAITH which is walking in the Spirit.

Walking by FAITH, is Walking in the Spirit, and it will enable the Holy Spirit to communicate with you Spirit to Spirit / as the WORD will allow for your Spirit to be led by the HOLY SPIRIT, or enable you to Move out of your own Body at times without you actually realizing it?

In other Words, your Spirit will Move further, and further out of your Body/ as you keep on walking by FAITH/ and seeking to Live by the BREAD of LIFE, which is Spirit.

The More you FEED on the Words that are Spirit, the More your Spirit will operate in the Spirit, not the Natural. Or the MORE you will be LED by your Spirit. The More you will be Living as a SON OF GOD.

But I believe that we can Hasten this Process/ and in the days to come I believe as you become More Aware of what is actually going on here, that we can begin to Walk more in the Spirit, by Learning how to Move out of our Carnal Body into his Glorious Light.

We can begin to Walk more in the Spirit, by Learning how to Move out of our Carnal Body into his Glorious Light

God will HASTEN his WORD to PERFORM it, and that will Produce Supernatural Living and allowing us to Go Where No Man has Gone before, in the Days Ahead.

Ms Terry Mosley

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