Welcome Morning-Star Travelers to a New Episode of Going where No Man has Gone before.

This is just a brief message the Lord gave me after watching the Republican debate with all the new candidates, and it is called Walls and Borders.

So on this debate if you watched it, they where discussing certain things about Immigration and some of them where even talking about Building a Wall on the Border.

So this is what the Lord told me after that.

He said why did Ronald Reagan want the Wall of Berlin to come down and why did he want a communist country to stop keeping people from Freedom?

If Ronald Reagan was here today do you think he would be calling for a Wall on the Border? I don’t think so, I think he would be looking for other options on how to deal with this issue.

So are we becoming like the communist who build the Berlin Wall, is this loving your neighbor as yourself ? remember God already told us if he would heal our land if we the people would OBEY and Pray.

But if you listen to the Debate you know the candidates who were calling themselves Christians, where the ones advocating the Wall, they didn’t seem to think that God was capable of Healing the Land, they thought they had to come up with carnal solutions. They had no intention of Obeying the first and only commandment we have, LOVE your NEIGHBOR as yourself.

So God has a plan to eliminate all borders, and this is not a new idea, our Forefathers thought it was our Manifest Destiny to have Mexico as part of the United States.

So when did we lose that Vision? We where on goingly taking territories when we where a small Nation we started taking territories from coast to coast , we even took territories from the mexicans that used to live here, so why did we stop on the Mexican border?

And don't let anyone tell you this was a world government idea, know our forefathers and all the people who lived in the United States at that time had a Vision for Manifest Destiny and they saw that this whole Continent was the United States of America.

So let me know your thoughts on that, and what you think Ronald Reagan would have done.

And we will see what becomes of this whole issue on how you're supposed to love your neighbor as yourself and build a wall between you . Doesn't sound right to me. Does it?

Ms Terry Mosley

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