New Years Day 2014/

Sitting on the beach, Watching the Waves Roll in/ Waiting on the Lord to give me a Word for 2014.

(Oh My here comes a Single engine Hang glider, cursing the beach, what FUN.)

I went to a New Years Eve service last night, suppose to be about Prophetic events for 2014.

The Pastor proclaimed that he was a Watcher? This was all very silly to me, since the Word of God tells us all to WATCH and PRAY, so we are all Called to be WATCHERS in this Dispensation? Not sure why anyone would think other wise, since we are all also now Seated in Heavenly Places in Christ JESUS, ( or suppose to be. )

Luk 21:36
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

If you need someone else to be Watching for you, then you are not GROWING SPIRITUALLY and that needs to CHANGE FAST. ( he basically did not have much to say Prophetically speaking)

Word of the LORD for 2014,

If you are running here and there, seeking to get a Word from the Lord how are you ever going to get a Word from the Lord yourself?

The Word for 2014 says the Lord is for you to BECOME the CHURCH, not go to Church.

What is about to Happen is not going to happen in the Church, so you better Grow up FAST and get Ready to be the CHURCH.


In the Days ahead your life is going to depend on you being able to hear from the Holy Spirit in an instant, and ACT on it.

Position yourself Now to HEAR. Shut down the noise around you, and be STILL. ( don't be waiting on your pastor or anyone else to tell you Prophetically what is about happen )

Listen, Watch, and Wait.
God always shows up for those who are WAITING, expecting him/


Ms Terry Mosley

Footnote for 2014/ BIGGER, NEW LIES of the DEVIL will Abound/

God warns us with SIGNS from the HEAVENS.

Signs in the Heavens

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