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Word on Murmurers

Greetings from, Prophetess Ms Terry, a Servant of God
Steward of the Mysteries that God is revealing in these last days/

Prophetic Phone Prayer is a Phone Prayer Line that depends on the Holy Spirit. The Telephone Prayer Line operates on God's Wisdom to counsel and guide others by the Spirit. We expect him to give us the Mind of Christ, and he is Faithful to do that. Just call the Prophetic Prayer Hotline and our Prayer Warriors will Pray over your Life. We have a Prayer & Prophecy Ministry.

We are here to PRAY with you concerning any PRAYER need you may have. Leave us your PRAYER REQUEST on the PRAYER FORM, and we will get back with you, and PRAY with you soon.


Your PRAYER NEEDS are posted on the PRAYER PAGE so other Prayer Warriors can PRAY for your needs. Check it out and Pray for the needs there as well.

We have many messages on this Site on the Prophetic Words Pages. So Search the Site, and Listen to some Videos, and begin to GROW SPIRITUALLY in your Own Life.

God has given us Mysteries and Revelations that will Open your Understanding into his Mind. We are teachers of the Mind of Christ. We counsel by his Mind, and without that Mind we would be leaning to our own Understanding. So by FAITH we speak Words of Wisdom, and we allow the Holy Spirit to grant us access to the Mind of Christ so we can give you new insight for your own life!

Our God is the God of our TRANSFIGURATION, and he makes all things New. May God bless you with a New Mind, and begin to walk into your New Life, as you begin to Go where No Man has Gone before. All Prophecy is the testimony of JESUS.

Blessings to you Morning-Star Travelers

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