A more sure word of prophecy
The Word for 2016 on a Personnel Level is


What good is New Revelation, when my people are not walking in the Foundational Principles of FAITH I have already given?

You can not MOVE on to HIGHER GROUND or to the Next Level of REVELATION, unless your FAITH is ACTING on what I have already PROMISED.

You are Like Little Children who want to eat Meat, but you are still in diapers.

You MUST GROW UP and ACT on my PROMISES by FAITH before I can Move you on to the Next Level of Revelation.

Seek to ASSES where your FAITH is at and determine to Move it UP to a Level of FAITH that Produces Fruit and Blessings, so I can grant you more of my Mind.

You Must become DOERS of My WORD, not just hearers, with itchy ears.


The treaty is a fraud

The Enemy is coming in the Back Door, by bringing Many Nations into Bondage with Counterfeit Treaties and Covert Agreements.

His MO never changes, he always operates through FRAUD. FRAUD that is over Humans Heads in understanding what is behind it all.

He is seeking to Control the Resources of this Planet, and will use all manor of deceit and cunning lies to bring about Agreements that Enslave Whole Nations.

But all of these Pending Agreements have already been DECREED NULL and VOID by the BLOOD of the EVERLASTING COVENANT God Gave us 2,000 years ago.

2,000 years ago LAWS that were FRAUD, were NAILED to the CROSS, Defeated and Paid for.

The CHURCH does not Get what Happened at the CROSS, so in order for the SONS of GOD to Take Authority over these Counterfeit Agreements, one must GET REVELATION on what JESUS actually Accomplished.

If you do not Understand what you Where DELIVERED From, how can you ENFORCE VICTORY over the Enemies Lies TODAY?

2016 you will Either Grow Up and begin to ACT like the SON of GOD or you will be DEFRAUDED and left in the wilderness, going in circles, while the Real Church Moves to Be Seated in Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus. ( taking authority over the enemy and all his lies )

THE MIND OF CHRIST will be coming upon Those who are Pursuing that Birthright. Pursuing his MIND. ( not the things of this world )

Ms Terry Mosley



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