Daniel 7:2  Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and,
behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea.


War & Rumors of Wars

Is Venezuela  a model for how to take over a country without waging WAR?

There is much that is not being REPORTED  about  escalating problems in South America?

Keeping people in the Dark  and creating food shortages brings people to a state of despair.

This Attack on South America  is from the Enemy, not from man per-say. Meaning, this is all going on
Multi-dimensional.  The Prince of the Power of the Air orchestrates these events, so that Man ends
up fighting man, while the enemy is FREE to continue  creating more confusion.

The Enemy of this Planet has a plan,  and man just continues to act like he is in charge, while it is OBVIOUS he is part of the problem  

Wanna-be  dictators in this Region  are  giving the enemy Access to Wage War from within.

So Immigration will continue to escalate. This is the PERPLEXITY of NATIONS.  Man has no solution,
since his Carnal Mind cannot Grasp he is not in control.

DEMOCRACY  is on the Decline.  Will it survive?  Nations must begin to Align with those who are seeking to maintain their democracy while others are aligning themselves with those who are Dictators, or Socialist, Communist, etc.

WAR is inevitable.  MAN is at WAR within himself,  and man is now tearing up his own Democracy. 
So MAN is Creating Wars, and Rumors of Wars,  out of the confusion that goes on within himself and his

The USA  is on the Verge of Collapse.  It has passed up  Sodom and Gomorrah and is now pushing itself to the TOP of GOD'S HIT LIST  by  Worshipping the Creature instead of the CREATOR.

THIS IS HIGH TREASON against GOD,   doing just what the Fallen Angels did, leaving their First
Estate, and Pursuing Carnality which is IDOLATRY.

SOUND the ALARM!  THE WAR  has already STARTED.   The WAR  is for  SOULS, and the ENEMY is Winning, since man is selling his  ( and the so called church is refusing to preach the Gospel ) !!

Will you be a military conquest for the enemy, by leaving your First Estate? Will you allow yourself
to be Downgraded and put in chains, reserved for the Fallen Angels to everlasting Destruction?

This is a WAR for CONSCIOUS AWARENESS.   ( or LACK there of )    Who will SURVIVE?  

Those who HUMBLE themselves.  Those who Consciously Humble themselves, will be lifted up.

That is how Awareness Evolves.  Only  the MEEK will Survive. ( those with a Pure, Clean Heart )

Ms Terry Mosley

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