Morning-Star Rising
Prophetic Dreams and Visions



Prophetic Dreams and Prophetic Visions


Joel 2:
28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions;
29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.







Had a Dream  and I was Hearing the Lords Majestic Voice Speaking over the Nation.

The Lord was Speaking to the Nation, and everyone was Hearing his Voice and everyone Knew it was the Lord's  VOICE. 

He was saying.

I am your God, and I am your Leader/  I am the one charting the course and Destiny of this Nation,  not
your government.

PURIFY  your Hearts and begin to seek my counsel/   Stop allowing Chaos in your Mind. Stop looking to
man for solutions, and seek your God.

Man is not encharge of your DESTINY and without me you Have NO DESTINY.

Stop Looking to Man,  and  seek my Wisdom and Counsel/  Seek to Hear my Voice as I am Moving you all
to a New Destiny that I have prepared for you.

Let go of your limited carnal concepts, and I will Transform this Nation back into the Land of Milk and Honey, 
  as you all PURIFY  your hearts,  and seek after me.

Seek Peace with your neighbor, and Honor one another/ Then I will Renew a Right Spirit within you all/ 
Seek after my Kingdom, and I will then Transform yours.

I am your DESTINY and your ETERNAL  REWARD/

JOB 37: 2    Hear  attentively  the noise  of his voice,  and the sound  that goeth out  of his mouth.

 2 Sam 22:14   The LORD  thundered  from heaven,  and the most High  uttered  his voice.

Psalms 95:7  For he is our God;  and we are the people  of his pasture,  and the sheep  of his hand.
  To day  if ye will hear  his voice,

Psalms 29:3 The voice of the Lord is over the waters: the God of glory thunders, the Lord thunders
over the mighty waters. The voice of the Lord is powerful: the voice of the Lord is majestic

John 5:28  Do not marvel at this, for an hour is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear his voice

John 10:27  My sheep hear my Voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

Ms Terry Mosley





Isaiah 24:17  Terror and the pit and the snare are upon you, O inhabitants of the earth.

Last night in a Dream the Lord started speaking about the Word he gave on the Snare coming on the whole world.

He said " I'AM GOING to put my NET over the enemies net."

The Lord is going to Over Ride the enemies Web and Snares, and Throw a SUPERNATURAL NET over his
Network.  God is going to bring about a Supernatural Network that allows his Body to by pass all the Traps of
the enemy/

Ms Terry Mosley














Eph 5:14
Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.


JESUS taught his disciples for 40 days after his Resurrection ( nothing is written about it ) Nothing was Written because the ENGRAFTED WORD is SPOKEN straight into your heart.

Hebrews 6:1/ James 1:21 Terry Mosley paraphrase/

Move on to the next Level of Faith and stop rehearsing dead doctrines written in stone, and receive the
engrafted words of JESUS straight from Jesus/

Hear his Voice

The 40 day Training Course is Written by the Holy Spirit as an Epistle he writes on your heart, just for you.
The ENGRAFTED WORD’S of JESUS / SPOKEN Straight to your Heart.

Eph 5:14
Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.

JESUS CAME  to WAKE us UP and Remind us that this CARNAL LIFE is not REAL.  CARNAL life

 Time to Walk on Water/ Time to Wake Up in the Spirit, and Put on Christ.


All of this means WAKE UP from your Dead Dream state, this life/  and CROSS OVER  to
WAKING  LIFE in the SPIRIT.       

Ms Terry Mosley










Last Night I had a Dream where in the Lord was Revealing something Hidden, and it was about to be Broadcast on FOX  NEWS  as something  that was a Cover Up/  

In the Dream I thought this was something  on the Subject  of  UFO’S/  SYFY

So there is Going to be a NEWS FLASH   Revealing something that has been Covered Up, and is
now being Revealed/   

I was then Reminded of my Message on UP DATE on DISCLOSURE/  So it is looking like this is a Forewarning  of something being  Revealed on the subject of UFO’S.

When this SUBJECT COMES UP/  I have Already Forewarned you not to Listen to the WORLD, CARNAL MIND View of this Subject.

The Carnal Mind has NO INFORMATION  about UFO’S/  It just thinks it Understands this, but it is not POSSIBLE for the CARNAL MIND to Grasp anything having to do with UFO’S.

IT IS MIND CONTROL  brought about by the Prince of the Power of the Air ( FALLEN ANGELS
Masquerading as Angels of LIGHT/  )

They are the DESTROYERS of WORLDS/   Their Coming is the DELUSION coming on the whole Planet,
and the Beginning of the TRIBULATION.

2 Thessalonians 2:11  And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should
believe a lie:



Ms Terry Mosely









                                     Had a Dream Last night and the Lord was talking/ and he just said.

                                                The Church in the USA  is a  HARLOT/  saith the Lord.

Rev 3:14
And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;

Rev 3: 15   I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

Rev 3 :16   So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

2 Peter 2 :15
Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam ( false teaching )
 the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;

So  The HARLOT  has Gone after False Teaching's  and ends up being just Luke Warm towards
God,  so the Church has  FORSAKEN their First Love/  and Gone a WHORING  after the things of this World.

The Church would rather be like the Rich Young Ruler,   then Like Perter

Acts 3:6  Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none;  but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus
Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.


The State of the Nation is the State of the Church/  FAKE, FALSE NEWS. Spritually Fake.

Read  all scriptures /  Rev 3: 13 thru 22 /

Meaning of Laodicean

    Laodicea = "justice of the people"  It was the seat of the Christian church.

        a city of Phrygia, situated on the river Lycus not far from Colosse. It was destroyed by an
 earthquake in 66 A.D. and rebuilt by Marcus Aurelius.

    custom, usage
  right, just
   a suit at law

  a judicial hearing, judicial decision, esp. sentence of condemnation
  execution of a sentence, punishment
 to suffer punishment
 the goddess Justice, avenging justice

2 Peter 2 :15
Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam ( false teaching )
 the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;

Βαλαάμ Balaám, bal-ah-am'; of Hebrew origin (H1109); Balaam,
a Mesopotamian (symbolic of a false teacher):—Balaam.

Ms Terry Mosley






         I had a Vision of seeing and hearing all of Creating Groaning and Coming to a Grinding Halt!!.


Time was Standing Still, and the elements where all running together so things where without their Form, 
they where in a State of Temporal Flux.


In the Midst of everything,  JESUS was Manifesting himself to  ME/  He was Coming to Me.

Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of what Jesus said.

John 16:23
And it that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask
 the Father in my name, he will give it you.
Whatsoever G3745
as great as, as far as, how much, how many, whoever

at that day 2250
of the last day of this present age, the day Christ will return from heaven, raise the dead, hold the final judgment, and perfect his kingdom

John 17:24
Father, I desire that they also, whom you have given me, may be with me where I am, to see my glory that you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world.

This is a Day when Jesus Prayer is Manifesting to those who are his.

On this Day you can actually Pray for anything and it will happen/  Meaning you can Change TIME,  you could rewind time,  redo  time,  delete your past and start over.

This is  a MOMENT to step outside of time  to ALTER the TIME LINE of your Life. On this Day, the Day
know man knows,  there will be know TIME/  

John chapter 16     is about  Gods Love Coming to us, and showing us  JESUS and the Love God has for those who Love him.

JESUS  is COMING  to Show us his Glory, and Reveal Gods Love  unto us.

So  my Vision is the LOVE of GOD COMING to ME.

At this point I am sure I am not able to Grasp this/ since it comes in Waves from the Holy Spirit  that are Over whelming.

This Vision is for me Personnelly/  Jesus is making his abode with me.

Ms Terry Mosley

yes the dream is multi-dimensional/ there is some very Prophetic events going on.

Sighs and Wonders LINK






Dream about Supernatural Phone Ministry


PROPHETIC DREAM/ Prophecy for this Ministry

I had a Dream that I was in a Phone Booth where I was using a different kind of Phone that I had secret access to/ or Supernatural access to.

The Phone was attached to a Big Tree/ and the Booth was not enclosed, as this image, and it was Raining.

You had to enter certain Words into it to get it to work and I knew how to do that. In the Dream I could see myself entering the right information /

The Phone was Supernatural. I was able to communicate Supernaturally on it/

Then some other people came and wanted to use the Phone, and I said / I am using it, come back later. So they left something to Hold their place.

Later I left, and when I came back their stuff was gone and someone else was trying to use the Phone. I noticed a lot of paper work was left, not sure what all that was.


I am just starting to get some Interpretation on this, so it may continue to Evolve.

I am being Shown how to do the Phone Ministry a New Way that will lead to it being more SUPERNATURAL/ So the Phone Ministry will begin EVOLVING and Becoming something New.

I am able to communicate on a Whole New Level in this Dream, so I see that the Holy Spirit is moving me to a Place of me Hearing from the Spirit more easily. .

He seems to be EVOLVING me to a Place where I will be receiving NEW COMMUNICATIONS From the SPIRIT that will Transform the Phone Ministry.

The Tree is the Main Trunk/ and it has Branch:s/ The Ministry is going to be Branching out and it will have other Morning-Star Rising branch's.

Ms Terry Mosley


UFO Dreams


Dream about UFO and RAIN


I had a dream 2014 about seeing a UFO/ And in this dream I saw a UFO over head, and it looked like it was just trying to attract attention/ When all of a sudden it shot straight up in the air and disappeared/( it was not a round UFO, had a few square corners on it )

When it disappeared I knew that other air craft where coming, and before I finished that thought, there was a group of planes, many colors, and many different sizes above me. They looked animated.

It was a convoy bringing a group of people to this location to watch something. Then the people in the planes where on the ground next to me, and I was telling them about the UFO/


Then the people in the planes where on the ground next to me, and I was telling them about the UFO

Some guy who looked like Burl Ives was talking to me?


Burl Ives

( Burl Ives just happened to write the song, Ghost Riders in the Sky ? And Sang the song Shall we Gather at the River/ What symbols )

All of a sudden there was Rushing Water, coming down towards us to the canals below. The Canals where empty, and the water was filling them up. A Mighty Rushing flow of water, everything looked lovely when the canals where filled with water.

Word of Knowledge for California, that the drought is coming to an end/ From Heavenly intervention


The UFO'S are symbols of God Supernaturally ending the drought and restore California, as we the people pray/ Many People will come to witness this restoration

I2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Ms Terry Mosley
2014- 2017


DREAM is COMING to PASS 1/23/2017










I had a Dream in which the Holy Spirit was Training me to use the Mind of Christ to Solve an on going problem that I keep Dreaming about/

This Dream is a Training session set up by the HOLY SPIRIT to teach me how to get the Mind of Christ in the Middle of Mass Confusion from the carnal mind.

This was incredible. I realized what was going on in the Dream and changed what I was doing. Here is the best part. I had this Dream about a week ago. Last night it took up where it left off/ and continued from there?

So it was very, very clear it was a Training session/ I was just put right back in the same place, in this Dream to pick up where I left off in resolving this problem.

In other Words it was a Dream that was continued, until I learned how to escape what I was going through/ ( When you Over Come in your Dream State, you can easily over come in your Waking State.)

I am very much Amazed at this/ Training in your Dream State on how to use the MIND OF CHRIST/ who would have thought you could do this/ This is real Communication/ Knowing that the Holy Spirit is guiding me and teaching me is a Wonderful encouragement/




Perhaps all our attempts to find out about our Dreams is merely a desire to WAKE up from this Life, and return to where we are from.

Since Life is in the Spirit, it seems clear, that this life is the DREAM and when we are sleeping, the HOLY SPIRIT is attempting to communicate this to us/ and remind us of who we are/

Coming to our RIGHT MIND, is what Dreaming is all about/ Not Carnal Dreaming, by your subconscious mind. But Dreaming induced by the HOLY SPIRIT/

Ms Terry Mosley



I think that Lucid Dreaming is done by your own subconscious/

What I had is by the Holy Spirit, which is with intent and Spiritual Growth/ What people are calling Lucid Dreaming, has no real intent, unless you control it/

But then it is not by the Holy Spirit

So Lucid Dreaming may well be just another way for your Carnal Mind to keep you from Growing Spiritual, a Conterfeit if you will/

In Fact there are now several people teaching about things they do in their Dreams, and I did not know what to call it, but I knew something was wrong/

Now I understand it/ They are creating another reality that keeps them busy doing things that have No Earthly meaning? It is a TRAP. They think they are Growing Spiritually, but all they are doing in their Waking Life, is talking about what they do in their Dreams, so how can there be any value in that, when you have become of NO EARTHLY GOOD? Just waiting to go to Dream Land/ This is Real Deception

I think becoming aware that things are going on Multi Dimensional/ so that you know when to ACT or when to WAIT, is the key/

Lucid Dreaming is not on the level of VISIONS/ which is a whole different subject.

Lucid Dreaming may well be the same as being on a psychedelic drug.?

A release of the subconscious/ but still an hallucination?

More on this as more comes to mind?




Road to the CROSS

Cross history

During the LONG court case concerning our Cross here in San Diego on Mt Soledad, we where spending alot of time Praying about this issue as well as signing petitions, and voting on it.

I had a Vision end of 2006 of the Cross.

I was Caught up in the Air and from way Above the Cross Looking Straight Down at the Cross and the whole Hill, I could see the Whole Land scape.

I saw that the Hill and the road to the Cross was destroyed, and fallen away.

It Looked like half the hill was gone. At that Time I did not know how to interprete the Vision .

What God was showing me was that he was going to Cut Off all Access to the Cross. But it was a long Wait for that VICTORY.

So I was Blessed with having had the Vision of that Victory ahead of Time.

Now I see that the Warfare Over the Cross was God Lifting Up his Standard.

God is Going to Do some Strange things in these last Days, concerning his LAND for his Name Sake.


The Lord said he wanted to teach his Church how to MOVE MOUNTAINS!

Ms. Terry Mosley


  One Nation Under God



The Spirit of our Forefathers will Prevail and our God will bring in the Leadership he has Planned for our Nation. SUDDENLY.

As we the poeple do what we where told to do/ and PRAY FOR OUR LEADERS.


George Washington praying








Last night I had a New Dream about seeing the Tsunami once again. This time the Wave I saw coming was different, as if it was a warning of something coming. Being forewarned ahead of time of a Big Change Coming.

God is the God of New Beginnings, so I am lead to interpret this as a washing away of the Old to prepare for something BRAND NEW.

This can be applied not only to our own lives, but as a Nation. Big Change is coming, and you need to get out in front of this Wave ahead of time. You have been FOREWARNED.

Ms Terry Mosley



The Lord gave me a Vision of the Spiritual Wave that is coming/

This is a Word to affirm and more clearly define that Word/

Sounds from Heaven

The Tsunami is coming. This Wave is a Wave of Transformation from the Material systems of this Life/ into the Dimension of the Spirit/ From Body, Soul and Spirit/ to SPIRIT, Soul and Body/ Right now we see the material dimension collapsing before our eyes/ Daily we see Men all over the World attempting to hold this System together, to keep it from Crashing, but it is to Late.

This Collapse started 2,000 years ago when Jesus said it is Finished/ but we are just now beginning to see the Manifestation of those Words. His Body will be Awakened & Quickened into his MIND/ In the Twinkling of an eye we will be brought To The Fullness of His Stature. This Tsunami is going to Transform us / We will be Changed and we will be the Second Coming/

Ms Terry Mosley
June/ 2009-2013




I had a Dream about being shown Level, upon Level, upon Level of what was being called in the Dream/ Dis Information, or Mind Control/

I have seen this before/ and once it was all in Code/ But this time it was endless levels that the WORD of GOD peels back/ and reveals as we learn to listen to the Holy Spirit, and receive discernment from him.

MIND CONTROL is info Fed to the Carnal Mind to keep it Controlled to believe what the enemy wants the Masses to believe/ This is called the Lies of the Devil/

The Carnal Mind is being Fed dis information 24/7/ All the news, movies, books, Internet etc. Mass dis information/ to keep your Carnal Mind busy thinking it is in Control, learning something? While it is being Programmed dis information that just keeps changing when you think you have found something out/

Man manipulates Man, while at the same time he is being manipulated by forces that he has know concept of/ ( man has never been in control since the beginning when Adam lost the Planet to the enemy in the garden )

The War is in the MIND/ The Fight is to keep you in your Cage, the CARNAL MIND. While never learning to Be RENEWED in the SPIRIT of your Mind, his Mind.

Phl:2:5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

Carnal Mind Warfare Link

Ms Terry Mosley
Steward of the Mysteries



Genesis 17:16


Recently I went on a Trip and while on the Plane the Lord gave me a Word from him to me.

A Time of JOY for you to see the Blessings of all that was Promised by me. Feb 5th 2013

Then 2 days later I had a Dream/ This Dream was about the TIME OF LIFE for a Women.

I was looking for a Big Blue Box / this Box was a Box of Minstrel Pads. I had put them some where, knowing I would need them again? In the Dream I was looking for this Box.

I knew when I woke up what the Interpretation for this Dream was, it was the same as Gen 18: 11- 14.

When God tells Sarah that he is going to Restore unto her the Time of LIFE.

Gen 18:14 Is any thing too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.

These Words mean/ SPRING, QUICKENED. Sacred Season, Restore Youth, Time Appointed. To make Wonderful, Journey, Traveler.

When Sarah received the Word from the Lord, she was able to Conceive.
The Word CONCEIVE meant

31 OT
Mental Conception, thought. By FAITH she was able to Conceive as she mentally received Gods Word, it came alive in her.

This was the Same Blessing that came on Elizabeth in the New Testament.

Mary Visits Elizabeth

Luk 1:36 And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren.

Luk 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

OLD AGE means nothing to the LORD/ He Can Restore you to the TIME OF LIFE at any Age.

So this was a WORD from the LORD to ME/ Telling me that the TIME OF LIFE would be Restored unto me?

I am certainly PONDERING this WORD/ wondering what it all Means, but I am going to be Expecting the LORD to FULFILL his PROMISES as he Spoke.

I had a Word of Knowledge from a Friend saying that it means the LORD is BIRTHING something NEW in me and my Ministry/


I realize how much we are Limiting God/ since NOTHING is to HARD FOR GOD.

Ms Terry Mosley


Baby dream

BABY DREAM from 2008

My Daughter Morning-Star just ANNOUNCED to me that she is going to have a Baby, and I am going to become a Grandmother/
 She Announced this to me on my Birthday    They have been married for 4 years this Sept.

I Had a Dream in 2008 /   Where STAR was Announcing something to me/

You Said MOMMY. MOMMY, MOMMY /   The Holy Spirit was announcing this to me ahead of time. I wrote down   my thoughts on
 what this might mean/   Baby Coming?

Sudden Star Transformation.  TWIN STAR, Bigger Star, A Star is Born/ A Star Child is Born.  Sudden Change to  The MORNING Star.
Star Power,  Exchanging for a New Star.

Then  my Daughter STAR just appeared at my house / and I  thought she had Moved from New York  to San Diego.?( we will see ?)

Perfect Baby Dream

Then I had another dream about a Baby coming and I was trying to help deliver it. In the Dream I gave it an egg yoke and later
13 egg yokes?  ( this  may mean she will have the baby about 14 Days from Easter? ) It is Due April 15th

The Baby looked Perfect and Beautiful, I touched its cheek its skin was so perfect.

I also had another Dream where I saw all PINK/  so it will be a Girl.

Ms Terry Mosley
2008 to 2012


Angel in a bubble

Last night I had a VISION beyond human description/

I saw a Bubble coming from out in Space coming to me and as it approached I saw in the middle a Heavenly Being of such Beauty, I was Awe Struck/ From around the Bubble there was Light beams shooting out turning into Stars/

A circular spiral of Light was flowing out from it as well, and I was just Looking at trying to Grasp its beauty/

I was able to see this Heavenly being clearly in the Vision, to look upon it was a REVELATION/ just to see such beauty was a PURE GIFT from God/ It looked like an Angel, but I have no idea what to say it was/ ?

It was sending me rays of Heavenly Light/

Heavenly light

Ms Terry Mosley


Dream about the Apostle Paul 2012


Last night had a Dream, as if I had gone back in Time to the Days of the New Testament.

It was as if that Time Line had merged into the present and it was all ONE TIME Continuum, and what happened 2,000 years ago where Paul's teachings stopped, they where Now being Resumed, today by what the Lord was Teaching me, through Paul.

I seemed to know Paul Intimately, through the MIND of CHRIST. It was as if NO TIME had Passed at all, in the MIND of CHRIST, it was just MOVING me to take up where he left off.

I had been Made a Disciple by the Apostle Paul. I was his Disciple, and I was Moving on from where he told us to Move on from 2,000 years ago/

Hbr 6:1
Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ, let us press on to Perfection, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God,

As Paul was Calling for New Disciples of those who wanted to be Partakers of His Mind, and Share these Mysteries, so was I.

It is the on going FELLOWSHIP of the MYSTERIES that these earlier Disciples shared.

1Cr 4:1
Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.

They Actually Shared the Same MIND/ and we today can enter into that same place, and Partake of this same FELLOWSHIP with one another through His Mind.

I was being shown how Timeless Real Church is. I was in fellowship with the New Testament believers/ I was apart of that Assembly.

Many members, one body

This was a Real Place of UNITY where people where of ONE MIND and ONE HEART, Giving of themselves to Promote the Love of JESUS that brought them all together to share the Same MIND.

They had REAL FELLOWSHIP that we today have NO CLUE of.

Being of the Same Mind is what makes us One with his Body/ But Church was a Gathering of all believers, Past, Present and even Future/

There is NO TIME in a Real Church Gathering, we are all One in the Spirit, able to communion with each other regardless of Time.

We can Have Church with the NEW TESTAMENT believers through the UNITY of his Body/

Hbr 12:22 But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,

Hbr 12:23 To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,


Ms Terry Mosley



Description: Before
Description: New Mosque
 New Mosque

Click here to view larger images

NEW MOSQUE will look similar to this only much, much, much BIGGER, and the colors will be Brighter with Red, blues, yellow etc.

I had a Vision in 2005 of the New Mosques to be Built on the Temple Mount.In my Vision I saw more then One/But this could have just meant that all the Mosques would be United into one/ since that is what is Now being Planned.

YES there is a Plan to Build a HUGH MOSQUE .

The Waqf Trust is planning to unite all the mosques on the Temple Mount into one.

We are NOW LIVING in the LAST DAYS/Only the ANTI CHRIST can Negotiate a TREATY with ISRAEL to allow this to happen without World War 3.

The Temple that is being Referred to in Bible Prophecy has Never been Referring to a JEWISH TEMPLE.

It is Referring to the Abomination of desolation Standing on the Temple Mount ( which is the Holy Place) where it ought nought to be/

Mat 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

Since the Whole Temple Mount is a Holy Place,any place this FALSE GOD STANDS is where it ought nought to be.

But this FALSE GOD is going to be Standing in a Mosque, not a New Jewish Temple.


2Th 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

The NT Word Temple means Heathen temple, or shrine. ( general other meanings)

I have seen this MOSQUE in the Spirit and it is so BEAUTIFUL.

I am assuming that the Treaty will also AGREE that the JEWS will be Allowed to Build their NEW TEMPLE as well, since there would be no reason for a Treaty unless it Included that,But this is never going to Happen. This whole thing will be a LIE from HELL.

When this FALSE GOD PROCLAIMS himself to be GOD/the JEWS are going to RUN for their Lives.

Mar 13:14 But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:

Daniel Chapter 9:25 to 27  is the FALSE TREATY

If this Plan of the Waqf wants to Unite all the Mosques, then that means they will no longer need the Dome of the Rock as a Mosque. ??

Dangerous Plans for Temple Mount


Ms Terry Mosley


Current Status

The Supreme Muslim Council was reconstituted in Jerusalem under Israeli rule after the Six-Day War in 1967. It is presently the judicial authority of the Muslim community in Israel in matters of personal status of its members under Israel's confessional community system.

Hasan Tahboub was the head of the SMC (1993-1998) and Minister of Waqf and Religious Affairs in the Palestinian Authority (1994-1998).[6] In 2006, Na'if Rajoub was the Palestinian minister in charge of the Waqf.

Who Stole Temple Mount From the Jewish Nation?

al-Aqsa Mosque Closed



Dream about being Translated to Norway 2013



Had a dream I was instantly TRANSLATED to Norway, where I saw some things I did not understand .

I did not know I was in Norway till later the Holy Spirit told me/ I was trying to find my way Home, and asking all kinds of people for directions, but none of them spoke English, so I finally realized what had Happened.

Then I saw a Weird looking object like a very High tower, or Old Rocket? Falling/

It was in the water, and it was falling over, it had ropes tied to it/ and some Weird Structure in the background seemed to be the cause of the fall and was dragging it down?

Something was being dragged down/

I was wondering how I was going to get Home/ The people where like brain dead, and where making no attempt to communicate at all/ Like something Weird had happened to them all and they where like the walking dead.

I begin to look online for images in Norway to fit what I saw and came up with this.



Norway.Oslo.Vigeland Sculpture Park Video Links

The Monolith Statue - Oslo, Norway

About the Artist

The column, 14.12 meters (46 feet) high carved out of a single block of stone, consists of 121 figures. Modeled by Vigeland in the years 1924-25, it took three stone carvers from 1929 to 1943 to complete the Monolith, just shortly before Vigeland died. The column is completely covered by human figures in relief, singly or in groups. At the bottom there are seemingly inert bodies. Above them figures ascent in a spiral, the movement halting midway and then rising at a fast pace towards the summit which is covered by small children. Various interpretations of the Monolith have been suggested: Man's resurrection, the struggle for existence, Man's yearning for spiritual spheres, the transcendence of everyday life and cyclic repetition.

This Sculpture itself is PROPHETIC as it seemed to Prophecy ahead of time things to come.



This Structure is about the Human condition/ so it is the Human Condition that is Falling and being Dragged down/

The other Sculptures in this Park are very unflattering, and Awkward.

This City Oslo, is where the Noble Peace Prize is awarded. It is for the person who shall have done the best work between nations on the reduction of standing armies. Iam not sure what all this Means, but God seemed to be Drawing Attention to the HUMAN CONDITION and perhaps the Contradiction of this so called Peace Prize.

Seems they give out this award to the Biggest OFFENDER, not a MAN, or Women OF REAL PEACE?

They just gave it to some Muslim women?

So I suspect that this is all FALLING APART/ and something Really BIG is going to FALL to Draw Attention to this/ There was also a Massacre in this town, and the reason was due to the struggle there between Christians and Muslims, it is called multiculturalism

Breivik has admitted the killings but denies criminal responsibility, saying he acted to protect Norway and Europe from multiculturalism.



There is a Creepy New Mind set going on there, that causes people to come up with a TOTALLY different way of seeing Life/

It is Like NORWAY is a TEST RUN on how to Destroy a Culture from within/ and spread it like a Virus to rest of the world/

Bottom Line, it is about RELIGION, and Tolerance of it.

This is going to destroy and divide everyone. People are becoming Terrorists over it

No Tolerance for Intolerance

No Tolerance for  Intolerance


Killing over multiculturalism

Government thinks it can Pass LAWS that will change Peoples hearts and minds?

You can Not Legislate DISCRIMINATION, since it is of the HEART/ it is a MORAL ISSUE, and No matter what Government dose, it can not Solve it EVER/

So all the Government is doing is Creating a New Breed of Terrorism that will not Tolerate this INTRUSION upon RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/

BOTTOM LINE, of course this is a Plot from Hell to divide and conquer. Eventually this will lead to what happened in LUKE chapter 2/

People are going to be Tracked which means Registered to keep track of their Birth place DNA etc/ They may even be told to Return to the Place of Birth or Cultural background.

This may be the Anit Christ answer to an END TIME PEACE/ everyone returning to his Birth place or CULTURE? Separation, not Muliticulturalism. ??


(or mark of the beast?)

Ms Terry Mosley







Last night the Lord spoke to me concerning the Judgement on his Church/ This was a continued message from the one I posted on Manna from Heaven.

Manna Message

The Lord said that Big Name Ministries where going to Collapse just like the Big Financial Institutes have Collapsed/ All of them have been running on GREED/ Early of course in the Judgement Message the Lord said that these Financial Institutes would Collapse/ since God was Throwing out the Money Changers in the Church/ and Cleansing his Church from the Judas Spirit.

The Days of Preaching the Gospel for Gain are over/ Ministries that do nothing but Beg for Money/ that are not Founded on the WORD of GOD/ will Collapse/


Ms Terry Mosley





My Latest dream June 2009/ I was running at the gym/ and while I was running I was working on my computer which was a Holographic Image. It was in Mid Air in front of me/ and I was working on it by touch while I was running. I think the source of the Image was a Laser Beam, coming from my Cell Phone.

I then went Online and found that there is Laser technology that is already able to do this. The Band Width for doing this would need to be Greatly reduced some how/ and the Price? But it is coming. We will not need Lap tops. You will have your computer with you wherever you go. I Love It.


Counterfeit Network

Proverbs 8:12 I Wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions..

By Ms Terry Mosley June, 2009-2010





Dream about False Concepts

Had a Dream with a Word from the Lord this morning/I Was with a bunch of people/ and someone said, GIVE AL GORE Back his Umbrella.

Someone handed me the Umbrella that was totally broken and ripped to shreds..

It was not really an umbrella anymore since you could not open it/ the metal part was all that was left/ so I took it and I was suppose to put it back in his locker as if I new where that was/ So I seemed to know in the dream. I Opened the Locker and put the pitiful umbrella back in the Locker?

Al Gore is a Symbol of Defeat and False Concepts. The Umbrella is a Symbol of Protection from a Storm. The Locker is something Hidden.

A Storm is Coming/ a Storm that will ripe Apart and EXPOSE some present views on something that is now Hidden/



I put the Umbrella away/ it was Not Yet Time for what was Hidden to be Revealed.

The Umbrella is a covering something that will be Exposed and Unlocked in Gods timing? Things that would be better off not unlocked for Some?

Al Gore is not just a symbol of the Democratic Party/ but also a symbol of FALSE Concepts of the World at Large. Could this whole Image come tumbling down as more INFORMATION comes to light on what is really going on, on this Planet.?

The Locker will be UNLOCKED and All will be Revealed.

Global Warming E-Mails:

Glaciers that are Growing:

By Ms Terry Mosley Sept, 2008




Dream about New Jerusalem

I had a Fabulous DREAM or Vision? I seemed to be some where taking care of someone and I was trying to help them, when I looked up and all of a Sudden

I was seeing into the SPIRIT a CITY , before my Eyes of AWESOME COLORS.

The Light not was not of this World/ I was Shocked at the Vivid Color and Light and the Over all Look of the City was like a combination of Past, present and Future Design all at once.

It was Like seeing a New Jerusalem, since I new it was a Desert Town/ the colors where of the desert/ with a desert glow over everything.

This happened to me 2 times/ since other things where going on in the dream, and I kept Looking back at the View of the City/ and it would be Powerful to Look at/

It was like those Clariton Clear commercials when they show you the difference of what you are seeing/ One minute things where normal, and then I would see the city which was

like 3D Vivid and Beautiful and a Joy to Look at.

So GOD is NOW allowing me to See into the SPIRIT, and I Have seen New Jerusalem, and It is something to Look Forward to. I am Ready to go there..

By Ms Terry Mosley July 2008


Heavenly Dream

I woke up in the Spirit Looking out at a Heavenly View of a Place that was Beyond my earthly eyes to see. My Whole Being was Lifted up, to Move Towards it, as it took my Breath away to see it. HOME.

I Jumped off the edged of where I was standing into the Air and started to FLY in the Spirit Towards this Awesome Place.

I was Flying faster then I had ever flown before, and I was sensing How FAST I was Going. As I was thinking about this I was suddenly surrounded by Many, Many Others, who where Flying all around me, and with Me. Male and Females all Flying at the same Speed, Towards the Same Place.

This was so Amazing to me/ that I slowed down to try and talk to them while we where Flying. I guess I was asking them Questions I wanted to Know them, and communicate with them.


I was being AWAKENED to see that I was Not Alone, that Others where coming along side and moving Towards a New Destiny as yet Unknown.

We where coming together, and Moving together, and God was showing us how to Get his Vision and Move Towards his Glory.

By Ms Terry Mosley 2008




In the Dream I was watching a man from a distance visit many women and spend time with them. I wasn't sure what was going on or who this man was, so I felt confused and just begin to walk away and move on. As I started to walk away, suddenly the man was standing right in front of me. He had move ahead of me when he saw me walk away, and had over taken me. I looked into his Face and I knew it was the Lord! At first I thought he was a very old man, since he had white hair ( like it says in Daniel 7:9) But as I begin to look into his eyes and upon his Face, I saw it was timeless and ageless. It was the Face of my dearest and oldest Friend.I can see his Face even now as I type this message.

While I was looking into his eyes, he was talking to me and telling me How much he Loved me. I became very Fascinated with his Lovely Face and the more I gazed at him the more I saw. On his Face was what appeared to be a white or crystal stone. Later I studied in Revelation on him giving us a white stone, with a new name. ( white stone means Salvation) Since I wasn't sure what kind of stone I looked up the meaning of crystal, and it means High Priest. There are numerous references of him giving us a new name, and putting it in our foreheads.( this word means FACE, not forehead)

I have never heard anyone even mention this subject. So I don't think this is weird, just something we have never really studied, or have any Revelation on as yet. But it means the Lord is revealing new things about himself to his BRIDE, and in the days to come he has Gifts for us that are like finding hidden treasure. He wants to bestow upon his Bride, Priceless Gifts and wonders to surprise and delight her. To Those who Treasure Jesus, he will suddenly appear.

Ms. Terry Mosley


Tracking & Registering

At the First Coming of Christ we are given a description of what was going on Politically. People where being herded like cattle to obey laws to Register.

They had to go to the town where their birthright was established, so they could register and pay Taxes. In other words if you where from Africa and you where in the USA and this decree went out that everyone had to Register where he or she came from,( because of present Political immigration or terrorist problems, )you would have to return to Africa.

I had a very Scary Vision on this, but will only give a brief note on this.

I believe at the time of the Lords Return something similar but Far more dangerous will be going on. In fact it has already started. People are being told to register and then they are gathered up, imprisoned and deported, right here in the USA.

The enemy wants to control all peoples, unknowing Governments will comply with tracking measures, out of fear, and aid the enemy's plans. These plans to track and control people is Satanic in origin.

Eventually the World will be divided up into 10 camps, or pieces, and people will be told to report to their camp for Protection. We are moving rapidly to control boarders, and find ways to establish where everyone is and why. Our present Government is the Leader of FEAR. Our Freedom is being taken away little, by little because of FEAR, in order to Protect us?

In the days ahead the world and our present Allies will change Rapidly. We are presently setting the stage for this country to be opposed by the next World Power. We are driving the European Common Wealth alliance to Unite and elect themselves a Leader. Some of the members of this Alliance are presently our allies, but they won't be for long. We are going to wake up one morning and find out we are living in a completely different World with New World Leaders, and we will not be among them.

Eventually this Tracking will result in Branding. It is a mark of a Military Conquest, the mark of HELL.


Ms. Terry Mosley/ 2003

See "Privacy and Toll Transponders" by Ed Felten


Eruptions or the Begining of Sorrows

Luke 21: 10,11 and 24,25

We are seeing a dramatic increase of Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and storms, world wide. Also Comets will increase, which bring drastic wheather changes world wide.

I Had a Dream and in the Dream their was a Mass Increase of these Eruptions. Then the Lord spoke and told me that they would Increase more and more, since we are in Romans 8:19-25
The whole creation is in a state of Decay, Groaning and Morning over its own Death. These are Eruptions are Death Pains of a Dead Planet.

The falling apart of Life as we knew it will increase. We are now living in the Last Days, headed for Mark 13:19 - 37 The shortening of Days.

Ms. Terry Mosley



While praying the Lord begin to speak to me. I saw him walking up a steep mountain trail. He had a Shepherds Staff in one hand, and he was carrying a Lamb in the other hand.

I was right beside him and other sheep where pressing in to follow. HE SAID, MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE AND FOLLOW. I'M LEADING MY FLOCK TO HIGHER GROUND, SO STAY CLOSE AND FOLLOW ME.

Then he sat down on a rock and we all gathered around him as close as possible. He then said, THOSE WHO DON'T FOLLOW ARE LIKE SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER.

So we moved in closer as he then sent out Sheep Dogs to warn those who were straying and wandering in the Lower Pastures. The Dogs where his PROPHETS. Telling the Flock to move to Higher Ground. They where running around the Flock trying to move them all towards the Higher Path.

We were waiting for more to be gathered in before moving on. It was a very High and narrow place, so the sheep where all moving closer and closer together and some of us were sitting on the Lords Lap and around his feet, to make more room for those coming up.

We could see the Dogs working very hard , still herding in more sheep as they ran about barking at them.

Jesus is Shepherding his own Flock. He has Trained his Own Dogs. When they barked the sheep would hear him calling and they would then listen and return to the Fold.

Many who have followed close are now waiting for those stray ones to hear his Voice and Follow.

Those who where listening to his Voice are content to just be close to him, just watching, and waiting, content in his care.

He is gathering his Flock , moving them to Higher Ground

But those who don't hear him calling, will be left for the slaughter.


-Ms. Terry Mosley/ 2004


Vision of the Rapture

Vision of the Rapture LINK:

The Vision opened with me standing on the edge of a large open tent, somewhere? I was alone looking out into the night, Watching and Waiting as usual. Behind me in the tent was a large group of people having some sort of a meeting. I just stood at the edge of the tent, and suddenly Jesus was standing right beside me. I begin to speak to him as Martha had when he returned, after Lazrus death. I begin to ask him where he had been, and why had it taken him so long to come for me, on and on I went, and he finally calmed me down and we sat down on the edge of the tent and begin to talk and catch up with each other, like the oldest of friends do when they haven't seen each other in along time. He shared many things with me, and told me everything that was going to happen. It seemed as if we where outside of time, and talking forever.

This was the first time I really understood what Fellowship was. Real communication and complete energy exchange between to people. As we where talking he started to tell me that he had to leave, but that he would be back soon. He told me that while he was gone that there was something I had to do to be ready when he came back. He said that when he came back for me I had to be ready to leave in an instant, and that I couldn't take anything with me. As he was explaining this to me, a Process had already started within me of letting go and thinking about what I had to do to be ready. And while he was leaving I begin to enter into this letting go Process. I was laying on some pillows at the edge of the tent, just trying to lay back and recline until he came. I had my purse with me, and I was trying to find away to put the long strap of the purse around me, so that I wouldn't have to think about it, and it could just go with me, when he came. I realized of course much later, that this Purse represents my earthly identity, and my worldly security, and my earthly citizenship

I went through all kinds of changes trying to get this purse where I wanted it, and to just relax. As I was still going through this process of letting go, I finally arrived at a place where it HIT ME, Who was coming back for ME.!! My whole being finally realized that JESUS HIMSELF WAS COMING FOR ME! ( in Real Life, this took Years and Years. ) At this point I was able to let go of my purse completely, and finally lay back and relax, knowing that if I needed anything, that he was well able to supply it, so I would have know need for my Purse ( which was me supplying my needs)

Also I was again reminded that there was this Large group of people at the back of the tent, that still had know clue of what was going on. I was then just reclining on the pillows by the edge of the tent, when suddenly without any mental thought, my whole being knew he was COMING! The rest happened in slow motion, But it all took place in the twinkling of an eye. I saw the Lord ridding towards me on a horse. He was ridding so fast, but it was still slow motion, I just new how fast it was. As he moved towards me he was hanging over the side of the horse with his arm stretched out for me, I begin to rise up from where I lay with my arm out stretched towards him. When I say he was hanging over the side of his horse, you have know idea how far over I mean, but as he approached me and our arms caught each other, he lifted me up and with one single stroke grabbed me and swung me onto the back of the horse and we where gone, he never even stopped!!!!!! I WAS RAPTURED INTO ETERNITY!!!!!

This was a Honeymoon experience. One on One with Jesus. It is not a group trip. It can Happen at any Moment, while you are WATCHING and WAITING I later asked the Lord about the people in the tent, he said they where people busy going to seminars, and meetings and doing everything, but Watching and Waiting for him.

After this Vision I saw this movie, and I have only seen it once, it surprised me greatly. It was about middle eastern horse riders. This was a true story, about a weird type of race the tribes have for picking a winner. The race lasts for days sometimes and only ends when there is a winner. I cant explain the whole thing to you, but here is the idea. They are trying to carry a lamb safely to a certain place without getting it snatched away from them by another rider. So whoever has the lamb, has to protect it by ridding anyway they can to keep the other riders from taking it away from them.

The way they ride and the things they do to get the lamb from each other, and to keep it, is beyond description. I have never seen ridding like this before or since this movie. The rider who has the lamb, is often totally hanging off to the ground on one side of his horse to keep others from grabbing it away from him, however the ridders are so skillful, that another one who can ride the same way, can come along and grab it from him, and the race go's on and on until one of the riders is able to get the lamb safely to the goal.

When I saw this movie this was the Way the Lord was ridding on his horse to get me. I was so amazed. I forgot to mention that many riders died in this race, it was a real warfare. They would do anything to win and keep the lamb. I also realized that in the Vision when I am upset with the Lord for his timing, that this means I would be thinking at some point in the future about what I thought should be the time for his coming, but it would be wrong, and I would be waiting much longer then I thought I should have to. But that he would appear and encourage me so that I could wait till the end. I think this is where the Bride is now, and that the Lord is appearing to many to encourage us and keep us going until his return.

Till his return,
Ms.Terry Mosley 1996

Horseman Video Chase:








6/8/ 2016

On Wednesday while was sleeping at midnight,I saw woman with long hair and wings fly towards me, on her face she was putting on white sunglass ,she flew near and stood on the air flapping her wings. On her right hand she carried a stick, she called my name, Caleb,Caleb, wakeup, wakeup, I have come, I have come, I have come to help fight the devil"

Then she stepped down and she started walking and gave me the stick she was carrying to hold one end and she held the other end of the stick as I was was following her .

In the dream when I asked her who she was and why she was calling me, she said am Terry and on her back there was mounted in white Paper/ written on it Terry/



On this same night I had a Dream that I flew somewhere, but I could not remember where I had flown to when I woke up/



The Holy Spirit is at work between me and Caleb, establishing a Line of Communication between us that is very Supernatural/ As I step down I offer Caleb away to Lay Hold on the Mysteries that he wants to learn about/ The Holy Spirit is making away for us to create the way to Teach the Mysteries/


I was driving home and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that there was More to my Interpretation of Caleb’s Dream.

He said that the Stick I was Holding out to Caleb was a Mantle, or Baton that would be Pasted on to him.


an important role or responsibility that passes from one person to another. synonyms: role, burden, onus, duty, responsibility

This Prophecy is all according to Caleb's Faith to Act on.

Ms Terry Mosley





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